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South West Virtual Offices

With some fantastic brands located in the South West of England, it’s no wonder so many companies are craving a base here.

At Virtual HQ, we have over 16 virtual office locations in the South West to choose from. Prices start from £25.00 per month, as well as having many additional features available, including call handling, meeting rooms, and mail forwarding.

Experience more than just a postcode with Virtual HQ

Having a virtual office address in the South West can give you access to prestigious clients in the south of the UK. They might be willing to pay the expensive overheads of having a physical presence in the South West - but you don’t have to.

Working with Virtual HQ means you have access to 16 virtual business addresses in the region (and gives you an excuse to visit some of the nicest parts of the UK). Our teams can also manage your call handling, mail services, and more, if required. This means having access to all the benefits of a physical office in the South West, but without the costly overheads.

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Our virtual offices are all within established business centres in the key commercial districts of the South West. These are active business premises home to physical office occupiers, with front desk receptionists and meeting rooms, which you can hire out when you wish to host clients.

A registered company address should feel real to potential customers – and our offices are as real as can be!

Benefits of our virtual office South West service


regions across the South West

Can’t decide where in the South West? Our expert team can guide the way. We can help find the area that’s best for you.


established business locations

Our virtual offices in the South West are already part of bustling business communities, helping you appear even more established.


cheaper than a physical office

Office space in the South West is notoriously expensive, what with being so close to the capital. A virtual office can help alleviate these costs.


meeting rooms available

Every virtual office comes with meeting rooms, helping you to do your business across the South West.

Benefits of a virtual office South West

Setting up for the future
Setting up for the future

The South West is on the rise - don’t miss out on the opportunities available

One-off set-up fee
One-off set-up fee

No extra hidden costs once you sign up

Additional features
Additional features

Such as call handling and mail forwarding available

Meeting rooms
Meeting rooms

Access meeting rooms in every location


Frequently asked questions

Do I need a registered address?

You do indeed. All companies and partnerships incorporated in the UK are required to have a registered address. Charities will need a contact address that is displayed to the public. Hey, we don’t make the rules, but they’re there for a reason.

If your company or charity is not yet registered, you find out how to do that here.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides you with a trading address – giving you a physical presence and adding another element to your business. A virtual office offers many of the benefits of a physical office, without the costly overheads associated. Winner. Work from the comfort of your own home, but have your business associated with a physical, thriving office location. With our virtual offices, you’ll receive a mailing address, as well as the option to benefit from a dedicated phone number and call answering services. You can use your virtual office address on your website, your business cards, your invoices – heck, stick it on a billboard and tell the world. You can even take advantage of our spacious meeting areas too, to impress and astound your clients.

Are your virtual offices real offices?

Yes. As much as we would like to think we’re selling Matrix-style office space, our locations are actual office buildings, which have multiple, physical tenants inside i.e. real life people. Having physical tenants also gives you that real ‘office’ feel – and the opportunity to network. Hey, you’re sharing a space with other businesses – might as well try and make friends too.

All of our office locations are part of thriving business communities – which you can be part of!

Are there staff at your locations?

All of our virtual offices are part of thriving business centres and office complexes. You’ll find each of our locations fully staffed, with a working reception. Not only does this mean you’ll get a lovely welcome when you enter, so will your clients too. Remember, first impressions always count.

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