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First class mail management services

Giving you the confidence that all your important correspondence is being collected and handled in the most secure, efficient way. Check out our options below.

Over 60,000 pieces of mail forwarded every month

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Mail scanning and forwarding from only £10.99 per month


Mail collection

Mail collection comes as standard at all our Virtual HQ locations. This means that any post that arrives for your company, at your specified location, will be collected at reception. You’ll then receive an email from the lovely staff at your virtual office, who will notify you about your post. We’ll hold your post for however long you need us too - but we do encourage prompt collection, just in case something very important arrives.


Mail forwarding

We can also forward your post to you first class, saving time and keeping the whole process as virtual as possible. We usually send your mail the same working day, if not next working day, ensuring speedy, prompt delivery. You choose how often your mail is forwarded too - whether that’s daily, weekly, or monthly. Flexible options are crucial for running your business how you want to, which is why we provide a range of choices.

Fair usage on our mail forwarding service is capped at 30 items per month.


Mail scanning and forwarding

Want your mail as quickly and efficiently as possible? We get it - time is money and you never know what might be waiting in your mailbox. We offer same-day mail scanning, which means we gain your permission to open your mail, scan it in, and send a PDF via email.

All hard copies will be forwarded to you first class, so you can be sure that your physical documents won't be far behind.

Please note, we only offer this service to business email addresses, not Gmail or Hotmail accounts.

Virtual Office FAQ section

Frequently asked questions

Can someone else collect post on my behalf?

Yes, you can give us a list of authorised people who can collect on your behalf. We know how busy you are as a business owner and it just makes life that little bit easier. Just ensure your nominated people bring their ID with them.

What if I want to change my forwarding address?

You can change your address at anytime, however we will require an updated proof of address (POA).

So we need to have proof you either live at the address or it’s a commercial rental – and not another virtual office.

What happens to my mail if I choose not to have a registered address?

Not a problem, a lot of businesses have a different trading address to their registered address, for example they use their accountants address on Companies House but a city centre Virtual Office for their website.

What is a virtual mailing address?

A virtual mailing address provides your business with a physical address that your mail can be sent to – one which differs from your personal home address or registered business address. If you’re not based in the UK, you may wish to have a virtual mailing address, so that any mail or important documents can be delivered here. It also stops your home address from being overloaded with junk mail and unwanted callers. 

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