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Registered address

Registered address

Did you know, as a Limited Company, you can list your virtual office as your registered address on Companies House? This can make receiving important documents from HMRC and Companies House a whole lot easier, especially with our mail collection and forwarding services.

At Virtual HQ, we can also change your registered address for you as an additional service.

It’s a legal requirement for all UK limited companies to have a registered business address. Having your personal address attached to your business might not be the ideal choice for you.


Directors address

As a director of a limited company, it’s a legal requirement to have an official mailing address which is published on the public register. Rather than using your home location, you can opt to set this as your virtual office address instead. All of your correspondence will then be sent to and collected by your chosen location to either be scanned and forwarded to you or collected by you when you're ready.

You can also choose to have Virtual HQ do the legwork and update your directors details for you. (Please refer to point 5.11 in our terms for more details.)


Mailing address

At Virtual HQ, a business postal address comes as standard with your virtual office. With your mailing address set up, all correspondence to your business is sent through and collected for you at your location.

You can have your mail scanned, forwarded to you, or simply held at your virtual office for you to collect. We will always contact you as soon as you have post so you know when to expect or to collect it. We have the options to best suit your needs.

Virtual Office FAQ section

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a registered address?

You do indeed. All companies and partnerships incorporated in the UK are required to have a registered address. Charities will need a contact address that is displayed to the public.

If your company or charity is not yet registered, you find out how to do that here.

How quickly can I use my address?

You can start using the registered address in as little as 24 hours after we have verified your identity.

I’m a freelancer / sole trader and would like to have a virtual office address. Is this possible, even though I’m not a limited company?

Although you don’t need a registered address if you’re not a limited company, we know for freelancers and sole traders that having a virtual office address can help you appear just that little bit more professional. Contact a member of our friendly team to talk through your options.

How do I change the registered address at Companies House?

This is a relatively straightforward process, which we provide as service.

If you don’t fancy passing the gauntlet to us, you can either do this online, via Companies House Webfiling, or by completing a paper return. For further information on each option, please click the links provided.


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