About Virtual HQ
The easiest way to rent a virtual office
Doing business wherever you want, from wherever you want. Modern business, it’s all about flexibility. At Virtual HQ we want to make finding a virtual office solution straightforward. That’s why we’re jargon-free, easy to contact, and provide flexible services with no hidden nasties when it comes to costs.
Simple. Straightforward. Get your address today.
In business, it’s always about the bottom-line. Opting for virtual means you can invest in growth, not floor-space.
You need that business location to give a sense of prestige. But ever tried doing business on one leg? Thought not. Our Virtual Offices cost the same as a square foot of office space in London.
We provide simple solutions - straightforward to purchase, to change and to adapt.
Our innovative virtual office solutions will propel your professional, corporate image. Taking your calls, managing your mail and taking client queries, all under your company name, we become a part of your team. Whether you’re self-employed, a start-up, a small business looking to expand, or a global company seeking a UK presence, if you’re looking for a premium location, we can help you control costs and move forward.
Rental costs made easy
We’ve simplified Virtual Office rental into 4 easy steps:The basic cost of the office address, the choice of mail service, the optional choice of a phone service, and any additional service that you may want in your package. All prices are worked out per month, and all confirmed costs for each service are presented to you at checkout.
Business Address
Mail Forwarding
Telephone Number
Registered Address
Where any of our additional services are available for a particular location, they will appear in the checkout module on the right-hand side of the page. For details of all our services, please click below.
Virtual Offices – The Facts
Providing many of the benefits of a physical office space, at a fraction of the cost, a virtual office space can be an important, yet minimal-risk, step. When a physical space isn’t fully viable, having an address, along with carefully designed services, can prove one of the most cost-effective decisions you’ll make.
Your image
First impressions are massive when it comes to winning business. And home addresses imply small players, ‘one man bands’ and ultimately will always lack professionalism. Having a business address will give you the confidence and credibility to pitch to larger companies, and the edge over your home-working competitors.
Your work
Having calls answered, messages taken, someone collecting and scanning your mail, all allows you more time to focus on work. Acting as an extension of your business, virtual offices can help to take a little weight off.
Your life
The popularity in the virtual office model has grown as the shift to home-working and flexible hours has gained traction. Now around 2.1 million of us in the UK work from home. A virtual office allows you to continue to do so, with the benefit of having the facilities that boost client confidence.
Find the perfect Virtual Office
A little about us
We are based here in the UK and are proud to partner with Chadwick Holdings. Together, we commit to building the largest and highest quality network of Virtual Office locations the UK has to offer. Our customers are a select group of virtual tenants, in key locations not known to offer virtual office services.
What makes Virtual HQ different?
We’re different to our competitors. We’re virtual office specialists.
Experts in getting this spot on, every time, and you’ll have a dedicated account manager doing just that. With our focussed UK knowledge, we’ve selected only the best in quality, prestigious locations and have designed premium service solutions that are high-end yet competitively priced. We make the purchasing process open, honest and straightforward. There are no long-term agreements, no deposits and set up is quick and easy.