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A professional number for your business

With a telephone number from Virtual HQ, you can choose a local geographic or national number, providing your customers with a dedicated phone number that looks professional and works seamlessly.

From only £10.99 per month 

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Local and national numbers available

If you want your business to truly feel the part, then a local or national phone number is the perfect choice. To make it even easier for you, we can direct the calls to a device of your choice, be it a mobile phone or the landline in your home office.

This dedicated number can be used for advertising across all your marketing campaigns, both online and offline.

Our telephone numbers cost £10.99 per month and include 500 diversion minutes.

What's included with your telephone number?

A bespoke business number

Choose a local telephone number or a national 033 number, which diverts seamlessly to your mobile or landline number.

A marketable feature

This number is dedicated to your business and can be used for advertising across all your marketing campaigns, both online and offline.

Call diversion

500 minutes per month included in your package. Additional diversion charges will be applied. Landline -£0.03 per minute. Mobile -£0.12 per minute.

Multiple numbers available

Choose to have one, two or twenty telephone numbers. You can add on as many local or national numbers as you like.

International diversion rates vary, please get in touch for a quote.

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Maintain the professionalism of a fixed line phone number whilst keeping your dynamic business model.

How much does it cost?

Our local or national geographic telephone numbers cost £10.99 per month and include 500 diversion minutes to either landline or mobile.

Additional diversion charges will apply:
Diversion to Landline -£0.03 per minute
Diversion to Mobile -£0.12 per minute
International calls will be charged differently depending on location



/pcm + VAT

Dedicated business telephone number

A regional or national 033 telephone number

Calls diverted to your mobile or landline

500 diversion minutes included per month

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Frequently asked questions

How will I receive calls to my bespoke number?

When clients call your number, the call will be diverted to your mobile or landline, depending on your preference. No need for additional phone lines or equipment.

Can I include call answering with my telephone number?

Yes, you can find out more about our call answering services here.

Is there a contract for the telephone number service?

A monthly rolling contract will apply.

How do I change where my telephone number diverts to?

To change the destination of your telephone number diversion, please contact us.

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