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Telephone services to make the right impression

From phone numbers to call forwarding or a virtual receptionist, at Virtual HQ we have a host of telephone services to suit your business needs.

Over 20,000 calls handled every month

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A local telephone number from only £10 per month


Telephone numbers

With our phone number services, you’re able to choose a local or national telephone number, providing your customers with a dedicated phone number that not only looks professional, but works seamlessly too.

If you're looking to establish your business in a specific location, a local telephone number will certainly appeal. Or for businesses targeting the whole of the UK, national telephone numbers (starting 033) are ideal. You can also divert calls to your mobile, so you can speak to clients and customers straight away, without leaving them hanging.

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Telephone Answering

We understand that you're busy, and that means staying on top of calls can be difficult. However each call is a new opportunity, and so missing them isn't an option either.

This is where call handling comes in. With professional call answering, not only will you never miss a call, but you will ensure that each one is received in a timely, professional manner. It's basically another arm of your business. Sounds good ey?!

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Call Whisper

If you choose to have calls directly forwarded through to your mobile or landline, it’s possible you’ll want some idea of who is calling. Enter Call Whisper.

No, it’s not the latest boy band on the scene, but a form of technology that plays a short message to the person answering the call before the caller is connected. This means you have some idea of who’s trying to contact you - and whether or not you want to ghost them.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a local telephone number?

Yes, we offer a local telephone number as an optional extra to your virtual office package.

If you’d prefer, you may also choose a national 033 number. Simply select this service as part of the checkout process. We’re very flexible when it comes to your business needs (just don’t ask us to take part in any company yoga sessions).

You can also take out a standalone local or national telephone number, without the virtual office. You can find out more about our telephone services, including our call handling, here.

What are the operating hours?

Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm.

What happens to calls outside of business hours?

Your calls will go to a personalised voicemail and messages will be emailed to you the next working day. Or add on an out of hours voicemail auto-send sound file for just £5.00 per month fixed.

How will I be billed for calls?

Telephone answering charges are processed a month in arrears, £1.10 per minute dependent on your package.

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