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Virtual Offices Herefordshire

As one of the home counties, Herefordshire is a prime location for businesses across the country. It’s a central area, with great links to London and beyond, as well as having a fantastic train network to get to the north. But what does this mean for a virtual office?

For companies passing through and nearby, it means you’ve created a presence for yourself, expanding your client reach and potentially gaining more business.

Prices for our virtual offices in Herefordshire start from £35 per month, with lots of optional extras to add on, such as call handling and mail services.

What you get with a Virtual HQ Virtual Office

  • A premium virtual office for trading and advertising to improve your company image.
  • An address in a real & thriving business centre with physical tenants.
  • Address for use on your website, social profiles and company marketing materials.
  • Use as your registered and directors address with Companies House
  • Convenient mail pickup whenever you need it.
  • Mail forwarding direct to your door.
  • On-demand access to private meeting spaces and co-working.
  • Friendly on-site support staff to help you and your visitors.
  • A month-to-month agreement, or 12 months with a discount.
  • Subject to availability and additional charges dependant on selected office.
Additional Services Available

Here are some of our monthly rolling services that we can offer, these will give you more than just a postcode (subject to availability) and additional fees may apply.

£30.00  -  One-off non-refundable setup fee

To cover our costs in conducting the legally required Anti Money Laundering checks for all new clients.

Free  -  Mail Collection

Your mail will be held securely at your location ready for collection. You will be notified by email when there is mail to collect.

£6.99  -  Mail Forwarding

We will forward all mail directly to you, first class, the same or the next working day, saving you time.

£7.99  -  Registered & Directors Address

All limited companies must have a registered address listed on Companies House - use your virtual office as yours.

£10.99  -  Telephone line and divert

A geographic number that you can advertise across your business that diverts to a number of your choice.

'Pay as you go'  -  Meeting rooms and co-working available

Dedicated spaces tailored to your needs. Meet clients, brainstorm with colleagues, or conduct important interviews.

Partner with Virtual HQ to find your ideal Herefordshire address today

Worried about the costs of establishing your business? A virtual office can give you all the benefits of a physical office, without breaking the bank.

We provide a straightforward and flexible solution at Virtual HQ, ensuring your business can thrive in Herefordshire - and beyond.

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Our Herefordshire addresses are within established business centres in the key commercial districts. Active, successful businesses already use these premises, all of which come with front desk receptionists and meeting rooms, which you can hire out when you wish to host clients. A registered company address will help you increase your authenticity and reputation, expanding your client base and helping you make a name for yourself.

Benefits of our virtual office Herefordshire service


industries in the region

Although well-known for its cider production, Herefordshire is also a thriving network for 8+ sectors. This means lots of scope to get the type of clients you want.


meeting rooms

All our Herefordshire locations have access to state-of-the-art meeting rooms, available to you on a pay as you go basis. Impress your clients with the expensive overheads.


average monthly cost of a physical office

Yup, you read that right. Herefordshire is close to the capital - making its physical office space sought-after and expensive. Alleviate the cost with a virtual address.


Town and cities in Herefordshire

Got a particular postcode in mind? Check if we’ve got you covered at Virtual HQ. We’re always expanding our virtual office addresses too.

Benefits of a virtual office in Herefordshire

Expand your network
Expand your network

There are plenty of great business opportunities in Herefordshire - and beyond. A virtual address in this location will open your company up to the plethora of sectors and clients out there. Don’t miss out!

Attract more employees
Attract more employees

Looking to expand your team, not just your client base? Having a virtual presence in Herefordshire can mean exposing your company to better talent - and onboarding couldn’t be easier over video calls or in-person at our meeting rooms.

One-off set-up fee
One-off set-up fee

We’re in the business of saving your business money. With a one-off setup fee, and any additional extras, you can rest easy, knowing you’ll only have your monthly or annual payments to sort out.

Access meeting rooms
Access meeting rooms

Impress your clients with our swanky, high-spec meeting rooms. Present all your ideas and pitch proposals, without the costly overheads of a regular office. Virtual is where it’s at - but your clients don’t need to know that.

Protecting your business

At Virtual HQ we pride ourselves on offering our clients an active business environment, surrounded by reputable companies. Trust us to safeguard your reputation and keep you in good standing. With Virtual HQ's thorough AML checks, you can rest easy knowing you're doing business with a provider who meets all necessary regulations.


All of our premises are registered and supervised under 2017 Money Laundering Regulations.


We protect our customers, partners and the public from virtual office fraud and other associated crimes.


Compliance doesn’t have to be difficult. We keep all forms online, for quick and easy completion.

Let us answer any questions you have.

Frequently asked questions

How long does setup take and what paperwork do I need?

We make setup as straightforward as possible because we know time means money. To set up your virtual office address, we need proof of your identity (such as a passport or driving licence), your registered business address, your address, and Incorporation. These documents will be required from all shareholders of the business, or just you, if you’re a sole trader. Once we’ve checked your ID documents, we can have your new, virtual address live the same day, often within a couple of hours.

How often can I collect my post?

As often as you like! We love to see our customers, so pop in whenever you need.

Are virtual offices legal? What checks do you implement to keep my business safe?

Yes, virtual offices are completely legal. For many businesses, they’re also a necessity. For the likes of freelancers and small to medium sized businesses, they provide the affordable flexibility that they need – as well as a professional address and image. It’s all about keeping up appearances.

But all virtual offices need to be compliant, which is why we complete Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks. This protects our clients (that’s you) from dodgy businesses trying to rent office space in the same building as you, as well as protecting our locations from crime and fraud. Sounds scary, but it’s all about protecting your business and not cutting corners.

How does a virtual office work?

When renting virtual office space, you’re opening your business up to new possibilities and opportunities.
A virtual office works by providing you with a professional and high quality office presence – without the high overheads associated with physical office space. This means that your website, social media channels, business cards, invoices etc. will all feature your brand new virtual office address, without anyone knowing it’s virtual. You can also utilise meeting space, allowing you to set up those all-important new business appointments, giving you an edge over your competitors. And we love a bit of healthy competition.

You can even choose to have a mail service, reducing your admin time, and separating work from your home life. A professional and high quality office presence, all without the expensive overheads associated with a physical office space.

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