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Whether you’re new to freelancing or just looking to shake up your annual income, this is the ultimate tool to estimate the amount you need to charge per hour/day in order to earn your dream salary. We’ve considered all the costs that your rate needs to cover – right down to your sick days!

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Income & Expenses

You'd like to be left with per year (or per month) after taxes and other business-related expenses are taken off.

Your total expenses are per month (including of tax), meaning you need to earn every month.

Working Hours & Time Off

You intend to work billable hours each week over days (or around billable hours per day).

Minus the days you won't be working due to holidays & potential sickness, you're looking to be paid days in the year for an average of hours a day.

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To get your desired salary of plus for tax & expenses, you'll need to charge...

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