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Boost Your Business With a Virtual Office

With over 130 locations, Virtual HQ offers prestigious business addresses, perfect for those seeking a professional image without the overheads of a physical location. Our Virtual Office Address Packages extend beyond just providing a Business Address, we serve as your comprehensive solution for your virtual business needs.

- Leading independent provider of virtual office solutions in the UK
- 130+ premium locations
- Industry experts available to support you every step of the way
- Flexible plans available to suit your individual needs
- Committed to the best customer service in the industry
- Experienced compliance team to support your setup process

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Virtual Office for business

132 locations and counting...

Virtual HQ are the leading independent provider of virtual office solutions with over 130 locations in the UK. In today's competitive business landscape, having a sought-after business address can make a significant difference in the success and reputation of a company. However, for many businesses, the cost of renting a physical office space in a prime location can be prohibitive. This is where Virtual HQ comes in.

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Use on your Website, Email, and all Online Platforms

Use as your Registered Address with Companies House

Choose to have Mail Collection, Forwarding or Scanning

Local Telephone Numbers and Business Support

No long-term contract (30-day rolling agreement)

We’ve got the largest national network of established offices

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Basic Package



Prices and services may vary depending on location.

Mail Collection

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Premium Package



Prices and services may vary depending on location.

Registered Address

Mail Forwarding

Telephone Line

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Silver Package



Prices and services may vary depending on location.

Registered Address

Mail Collection

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Gold Package



Prices and services may vary depending on location.

Registered Address

Mail Forwarding & Scanning

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What additional services are available?

Here are some of our monthly rolling services that we can offer, these will give you more than just a postcode (subject to availability) and additional fees may apply.

Free - Mail Collection

Your mail will be held securely at your location ready for collection. You will be notified by email when there is mail to collect.

£6.99 - Mail Forwarding

We will forward all mail directly to you, first class, the same or the next working day, saving you time.

£7.99 - Registered & Directors Address

All limited companies must have a registered address listed on Companies House - use your virtual office as yours.

£10.99 - Telephone Line and Divert

A geographic number that you can advertise across your business that diverts to a number of your choice.

£10.99 - Mail Scanning with Forwarding

No time to collect? No problem. You can choose to have your mail forwarded, or scanned and forwarded, first class, to your chosen address.

Prices exclude VAT

Remember, we're based in the UK and there is 20% VAT on top of all of our prices.

Want 15% off?

15% off the Virtual Office plan (not including additional services above) by selecting 'pay annually' at checkout.

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Our set-up fee

We are really proud of our adherence to the UK Anti Money Laundering laws, which requires us to obtain certain information about you and your company. To cover our costs in conducting the legally required Anti Money Laundering checks for all new clients, we have a one-off non-refundable setup fee of £30.00.

Every customer is subject to the same checks, and this ensures our commitment to you that the reputation of your Virtual Office address is maintained. We have a team dedicated to our compliance with the relevant legislation, who ensure the set up process is as quick & simple as possible.

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From a registered business address to call handling and meeting rooms, with Virtual HQ you get so much more than just a location.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides you with a trading address – giving you a physical presence and adding another element to your business. A virtual office offers many of the benefits of a physical office, without the costly overheads associated. Winner. Work from the comfort of your own home, but have your business associated with a physical, thriving office location. With our virtual offices, you’ll receive a mailing address. You can use your virtual office address on your website, your business cards and your invoices. You can even take advantage of our spacious meeting areas too, to impress your clients.

How do I order?

You can build your bespoke virtual office package online, or call 0330 223 2605 to speak to someone directly. We live and breathe virtual office space, so are more than happy to have a chat and give you the low-down.

How quickly can I use my address?

You can start using the registered address in as little as 24 hours after we have verified your identity.

Can I use a Virtual Office as my Registered Office Address for Companies House?

Yes, you can absolutely use our address as your registered office address for Companies House, our registered address service add-on costs £7.99 per month.

When you register your business with Companies House, they require you to provide a registered office address. This is the official address where all important documents and correspondence from Companies House will be sent. By using a virtual business address, you can meet this legal requirement while enjoying the flexibility and convenience that our service offers.

Using a virtual HQ as your registered office address offers many advantages. You can separate your personal address from your business address. This helps to protect your privacy and ensure that your personal information remains confidential.
You can trust that we'll quickly forward any mail sent to your registered office address so that you never miss any important documents or communications.

What if my company is not yet formed and I want to use the virtual office as my registered address?

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet formed the company, as you can still order a virtual office address. Preparation is key.

When you reach this stage in the order process, simply state ‘to be confirmed’ and you can update us on your company formation when you have the details. If you’d prefer, you can call a member of our friendly team who can provide you with more information and help with the next stages in your company journey.

Can I have a registered address ONLY service?

No, sorry, it is a legal requirement in the UK for all service providers to sell a virtual office trading address WITH a registered address service.

What will happen to my mail?

As a virtual office member, your business mail will be accepted on your behalf, and you will be notified via email if there is mail for you to collect.

For an additional fee you can choose to have your mail forwarded to you, or scanned and forwarded.

However you require your mail, there’s an option for you, so choose the option that best suits your business needs as you build your own virtual office package.