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Why Your Website ‘Shop Front’ Is More Important Than Ever

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In the pre-Internet days, an attractive shop window was one of the keys to a successful retail business. Lure in those customers with an attractive display, and make your shop look like the sort of place that is worth a look, and you were one step closer to turning lookers into customers and ensuring that your business turned a profit.

Today, many businesses work predominantly, or even entirely, online. But the concept of the shop front is more important than ever and does not just apply to the retail trade. Whatever your sector, if your website does not attract more traffic than the other options thrown out by Google, then you will be missing out on customers.

Always remember, first impressions count.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We all know the importance of SEO in today’s world of digital marketing. It describes the tools and strategies that you use to help boost your ratings in search engine results. The key to successful SEO, though, is to have an attractive website that will encourage visitors to convert into customers. There are a number of elements to web design which will enable you to create the perfect shop front.


You want your website to stand out from the crowd, and that means some innovation and imagination.

Think carefully about your use of colours. You need to ensure the website is “on brand” and conveys the right image; whether that’s warmth, professionalism, fun, or whatever your company stands for and represents.


You have only a few seconds to capture your visitor’s attention. Make sure your website knows what it needs to say, and delivers that message. Provide clear, easily accessed information about what you do, where you are and why you can meet your customers’ needs better than anyone else.


A “call to action” is the trigger by which browsers become customers and visitors become conversions. Like a wayfinding sign, it indicates to the user what action they should take. This might be ‘download now’ or ‘submit your details’.

It’s essential that you make this as natural and intuitive as possible, so make sure your website incorporates user-friendly features and apps to guide your visitor along the way.

Mixing the ingredients

Originality, content, and calls-to-action all add up to the perfect shop front, which means improved SEO and better quality conversions. All you need to do is blend these ingredients together in the right way.

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