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Celebrating Pride Month in the UK: June 2024

Embrace the rainbow this June!

As June rolls around, the UK gears up for a colourful celebration of Pride Month. This annual event, dedicated to honouring the LGBTQIA+ community, is a time for reflection, celebration, and advocacy. Pride Month 2024 promises to be bigger and better than ever, with various exciting events planned across the country. This blog will look at the history and importance of Pride, explore significant milestones, and highlight the exciting events happening this year.View our locations

The Importance of Pride Month

Pride Month is more than just a time for parades and parties. It is an important time for raising awareness about LGBTQ+ issues, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for equal rights. Here are some key reasons why Pride Month is so important:

  • Visibility and Awareness: Pride events bring visibility to the LGBTQ+ community, showcasing its members’ diversity and resilience. This visibility helps combat stereotypes and prejudices and, hopefully, creates a more accepting society.
  • Commemoration and Reflection: Pride Month is a time to remember the struggles and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community. It honours the movement’s pioneers and acknowledges the ongoing fight for equality and acceptance.
  • Advocacy and Education: Pride is an opportunity to educate the public about LGBTQ+ issues, from health care and legal rights to mental health and societal acceptance. It also serves as a platform for advocating for policy changes and equal rights.
  • Community and Solidarity: Pride events unite people, creating a sense of community and solidarity. It’s a time for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to connect, support one another, and celebrate their identities.

A Brief History of Pride

The origins of Pride can be traced back to the Stonewall Riots in June 1969 in New York City. These riots were a response to police raids on the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in Greenwich Village. The LGBTQ+ community’s resistance against these raids marked a turning point in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, consequently starting a global movement.
In the UK, the first official Pride event, organised by the Gay Liberation Front, took place in London on July 1, 1972. This event commemorated the third anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and marked the beginning of an annual tradition. Over the decades, Pride events have grown in size and scope, reflecting the progress made in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights and the ongoing challenges.

Significant Milestones in UK LGBTQ+ History

  • 1967: The Sexual Offences Act 1967 decriminalised homosexual acts in private between men over the age of 21 in England and Wales.
  • 1988: Section 28 was introduced, prohibiting the “promotion” of homosexuality by local authorities. This law faced widespread opposition and was eventually repealed in 2003.
  • 2000: The UK government lifted the ban on homosexuals serving in the armed forces.
  • 2004: The Civil Partnership Act 2004 granted same-sex couples similar legal rights to married heterosexual couples.
  • 2013: The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 allowed same-sex couples to marry in England and Wales. Scotland followed with its own legislation in 2014.
  • 2020: The UK government extended its apology and compensation to those affected by historical convictions for consensual same-sex activity.


Manchester Pride

Celebrate Pride in Manchester!

London Pride

Visit the UK's largest Pride event in London.


Watch some fantastic live acts in Brighton Pride!

Pride Events in the UK: June 2024

Pride Month 2024 is set to be a spectacular celebration with events planned across the UK. Here are some of the highlights:

London Pride

Date: June 29, 2024

London Pride is the UK’s largest Pride event, drawing thousands of participants and spectators each year. The parade will wind its way through central London, resulting in a festival at Trafalgar Square with performances from top artists, speeches from activists, and a range of stalls and activities.

Manchester Pride

Date: August 23-26, 2024

While technically outside of June, Manchester Pride is one of the most significant events on the UK Pride calendar. The Big Weekend features concerts, a parade, and the poignant Candlelit Vigil to remember those lost to HIV/AIDS and hate crimes.

Brighton & Hove Pride

Date: August 2-5, 2024

Another major event, Brighton & Hove Pride, is renowned for its inclusivity and vibrant celebrations. The parade, Pride Village Party, and We Are Fabuloso in Preston Park draw huge crowds from all over the country.

Birmingham Pride

Date: May 25-26, 2024

Birmingham Pride offers a fantastic weekend of celebrations, kicking off the summer Pride season. Highlights include the main stage performances, community village, and a vibrant parade through the city’s streets.

Edinburgh Pride

Date: June 22, 2024

Edinburgh Pride, also known as Pride Scotia, features a parade through the historic city centre and a range of events celebrating Scotland’s LGBTQ+ community. Expect a mix of cultural, educational, and social activities.

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Other Notable Pride Events

How to Get Involved

Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or an ally, there are numerous ways to get involved in Pride Month:
Attend Events: Participate in local Pride parades, festivals, and parties. Show your support and celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Volunteer: Many Pride events rely on volunteers for their success. Volunteering is a great way to give back and be part of the action.
  • Educate Yourself and Others: Use Pride Month as an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ history and issues. Share this knowledge with friends and family to help understanding and acceptance.
  • Support LGBTQ+ Businesses and Charities: Show your support by supporting LGBTQ+-owned businesses and donating to charities that work to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • Advocate for Change: Use your voice to advocate for policies and practices that promote equality and inclusivity. Write to your local representatives, join advocacy groups, and participate in campaigns.


Pride Month in the UK is a powerful celebration of love, diversity, and resilience. As we celebrate Pride in June 2024, let’s remember the importance of this month: to honour history, embrace the present, and fight for a future where everyone can live authentically and freely. With a wide array of events planned nationwide, there are countless ways to get involved and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community. Virtual Headquarters is also proud to be able to offer virtual office spaces in every major city in the UK, so if you’ve booked a meeting room at one of our locations, why not get involved in the pride celebrations after? Let’s make Pride 2024 a month to remember!

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