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You are working so hard to make your business a success, don’t give potential customers a reason to ignore you.

My clients don’t care that I work from home
I have never lost a client because I work from home
It’s not about the image, it’s about good customer service

All the above statements may indeed be true, but, the key here is that statements like this can only apply to clients you already have. The clients you have are the ones you have proved yourself to- retaining and providing good customer service are obviously key to long term business success.

But, it doesn’t matter how good your customer service is, or how good the product you sell. In truth, for every enquiry you receive, there will be at least a handful of suitable parties who decided not to pick up the phone.

These other enquiries go to your competitors, and there are various reasons as to why this might happen – but one thing is for sure, image plays a vital role in attracting business.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer, who are you more likely to trust with your money:

A business with an address in a well-known commercial location, a business with a local landline number, which when called is answered by a friendly member of their team?

Or a home address, that when googled presents a house that should have been repainted 20 years ago, with a mobile number that goes straight to voicemail?

To help build that trust, a virtual office from Virtual Headquarters allows you to present the best possible image to customers and suppliers (this is often overlooked). We forward or scan your mail to you wherever you are, and become your full-time receptionist, waiting to represent you and attract more customers.

It promotes confidence, both in yourself and in your business, knowing you will be taken seriously as an option, elevating you to genuinely compete with even your largest competitors.

You can order a Virtual Office online today, or if you have a question about how a Virtual office can help your business, please call our HQ on 0330 223 2605.

Francesca's knowledge of the industry and business support is second to none. She's personally handpicked each one of our virtual office locations.

Francesca Dixon
Francesca Dixon

Managing Director

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