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8 of the Best Places to Eat Pancakes in London

Stack and Still have a delicious range of pancakes.

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we're already inundated with restaurants offering set menus, shops filled with shelves of pink Valentine's chocolates, and Valentine's cards everywhere we turn. However, let's not forget the arguably most important holiday of them all that's also approaching: Pancake Day (13th of February 2024)! So, if you’re not a dab hand in the kitchen, why not check out our top picks for the best places to eat pancakes in London.Check our our London locations

1. My Old Dutch

My Old Dutch, a pancake restaurant that has stood the test of time in London since 1958 has two locations – Chelsea and Holborn. They offer an extensive menu of both sweet and savoury options that can only be described as fluffy little heaven cakes. Not only are there endless choices for toppings, but you can also personalise your batter! The restaurant has a warm and friendly vibe and offers a relaxed atmosphere for families, friends, and even loved-up couples. Whether you prefer dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, or low-calorie options, they have got you covered.

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Virtual Headquarters menu recommendation: The Smoked Duck, this pancake will make your mouth water, it’s flavoured with hoisin sauce and spring onions. Who says pancakes have to be sweet?

2. Where The Pancakes Are

Where The Pancakes Are is a well-loved eatery for pancake lovers and foodies alike! This fabulous restaurant chain has 3 locations; Fitzrovia (just a 9-minute walk from our Fitzrovia Virtual Office), London Bridge, and Battersea. The menu is out of this world, with modern takes on traditional pancakes, sweet, savoury, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options are also available. This delectable pancake house is really going all out for Pancake Day too, with a special dollar pancake on offer! It’s stacked with indulgent house cream and topped with popcorn, chocolate-covered popping candy, sprinkles, and a popcorn-cookie-dough coated ice cream ball. Yum!

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Virtual Headquarters menu recommendation: The Cheese & Herbs Dutch Baby (a Dutch baby is almost like a German version of a Yorkshire pudding), this tasty treat is filled with goats cheese, mature cheddar, roasted thyme & rosemary, rocket & parmesan with lemon and olive oil. It’s flippin’ gorgeous!

3. Stack and Still – Leicester Square

Since launching in Glasgow in 2018, Stack and Still have now opened their doors in several locations in the UK, including the bustling Leicester Square, London. Stack and Still want to provide their patrons with as much choice as possible and claim that you could create nearly 12 million different combinations of pancakes using the options on their menu! Not many restaurants can say that, right? So whether it’s a big family affair, a reward day for the children, or an evening to catch up and wine and dine with friends, we are certain that there’s something for everyone to indulge in!

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Virtual Headquarters menu recommendation:  The Devilled Berry Cheesecake Stack, yes, it’s every bit as delicious as it sounds!

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4. Fuwa Fuwa

Fuwa Fuwa is the first restaurant in the UK to offer Japanese-style pancakes, and we are so glad they’re here. Their souffle-style pancakes are light, fluffy and like eating a delicious cloud. Not only are their pancakes a treat for the taste buds, but the cafe itself is a visual delight with its charming pastel interior and cloud-inspired decor. Fuwa Fuwa has two locations in London; Soho and Canary Wharf (we also have virtual offices in Soho and Canary Wharf, so why not book a meeting room and then unwind with some tasty treats after). With a range of sweet options on their menu, there really is something for everyone. So, for pancakes that just can’t be replicated at home, head down to Fuwa Fuwa this Pancake Day.

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Virtual Headquarters menu recommendation: The Blueberry and Yuzu Pancakes, the blend of sweet and tangy go so well together!

5. Crème de la Crêpe

Crème de la Crêpe really is a crêperie like no other, they combine the finest flour with the freshest local produce, crafted into delicate crêpes that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious. Nick, the founder, believes in authenticity, and this is why he went to France to learn how to make crêpes from the best of the best. After becoming a crepe connoisseur, Crème de la Crêpe was born, and brought to Covent Garden, London. Whether it’s to indulge in the nostalgic comfort of a well-loved classic pancake or to tantalise your taste buds with their signature ‘Crêpettes’, your visit to Crème de la Crêpe won’t be a forgettable one!

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Virtual Headquarters menu recommendation: The Dirty Harry, combining chorizo, pesto, ranch mayo and cheddar cheese.. we’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

6. Chinese Tapas House

You’ve got to try this amazing hidden gem in Chinatown. It’s a small yet mighty hole-in-the-wall joint that specialises in jianbing pancakes. They make these thin and crispy crepes right before your eyes. And guess what? They stuff them with spring onions, chilli oil, pickles, hoisin sauce, enoki mushrooms, and succulent pork belly. This authentic and delicious street food will really leave you wanting more. So, for a different twist on Pancake Day, why not pay them a visit?

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Virtual Headquarters menu recommendation: The hoisin, chilli, and braised pork belly jianbing.

Passionate for pancakes!

fuwa fuwa offer stunning souffle pancakes.

Look at these gorgeous souffle pancakes!

Dutch babies are a popular pancake day treat

Where The Pancakes Are is a must try.

cheddar cheese pancakes are a must try

Who says pancakes have to be sweet?

7. Polo Bar – City

This 24-hour breakfast restaurant is out of this world, and yes, you read that right, it’s open 24 hours a day. Hungry for pancakes at 3 am? No problem, head down to Polo Bar and grab yourself some lotus banoffee pancakes! Polo Bar is an iconic cafe that has blessed London with its delicacies since 1959, the food is exquisite and always made from scratch in-house. What more could you possibly want to fulfill your Pancake Day needs? P.S. We also have a Blackwell House office which is just a 15-minute walk away, so if you’ve had a busy day co-working, Polo Bar is just the relaxation you need!

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Virtual Headquarters menu recommendation: The pancakes royale, just take our word for it, they’re special.

8. Sunday in Brooklyn

If you’re looking for a fantastic spot that serves up American classics with a twist? Look no further than Sunday in Brooklyn! Located in London’s vibrant Notting Hill, Sunday in Brooklyn has quickly become a beloved fixture in New York’s dining scene. Now, you can experience their inventive spin on American staples right here in London. Now, let’s talk pancakes, this is something that this restaurant does with finesse. Sunday in Brooklyn doesn’t have an extensive menu but this doesn’t mean that their pancakes aren’t spectacular. Their thick and fluffy pancakes are served with a luscious hazelnut maple praline sauce and crowned with a cube of brown butter. And, if one just isn’t enough for you, you can always opt for a stack of three!

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Virtual Headquarters menu recommendation: The pancakes royale, just take our word for it, they’re special.

Final thoughts

Pancake enthusiasts are spoilt for choice in the Capital, from Stack and Still’s endless combinations to Fuwa Fuwa’s Japanese clouds of sweetness, Crème de la Crêpe’s French authenticity, and the unique sizzle of Chinese Tapas House’s jianbing to Polo Bar’s round-the-clock indulgence and Sunday in Brooklyn’s American twist, the city caters to all pancake preferences. In between all of this pancake pandemonium, remember that Virtual Headquarters enhances your business’s image with prestigious  virtual offices that are never too far from a pancake place. Why settle for anything less than the best, both in taste and in business presence? With Virtual HQ, you secure more than just an address; you unlock a realm of prestige and success, explore our locations here.

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