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Setup costs are critical when starting a new business

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It is frightening to look at statistics and realise just how many businesses fail within the first five years of starting. Often this is not as a result of poor products or offering poor services, but actually just the cost of being in business. When you first decide you want to start your own business it is very easy to get caught up in a wave of enthusiasm and concentrate too much on the products and services without spending enough time thinking about the actual establishing and running of the business.

For many, one of the most important aspects when starting their new business is to create the right impression. Now for many of us, we start our business from home. Because the majority of us source our clients and customers from a website, there is no initial face-to-face contact. You can have the most professional looking website offering a high-quality service, and nobody would know that you are actually working out of your bedroom.

Of course, there is only one slight problem with this, and to give a business the right feel, on the contact page having a residential address can conflict with the professional image you want to convey. In addition, in many circumstances, you will be encouraging visitors to your website to make contact with you to discuss how you can help them. Once again, if you are not going to be at home because you are out working with one client, it doesn’t convey the right image if callers only ever get to hear a message on an answering machine, or have their call forwarded to your mobile phone where all you can do is answer, apologise for being busy and asked them for their number so you can call them back.

While you will have saved money on renting an office and employing a secretary and/or receptionist, which makes tremendous business sense, you are still going to lose potential clients, so what is the solution? Renting a virtual office is the perfect way to give your business a professional address, have a receptionist permanently on hand to answer calls in your business name, have someone deal with all letters and post if required, but all at a fraction of the cost of setting up a ‘real office’

Now if you live near either Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester or Nottingham, you need to get in touch with us at Virtual HQ. We have a wide range of options available to help you create the perfect virtual office, and within a budget that will ensure that there is a much greater possibility yours will be one of the new businesses that succeed.

Francesca's knowledge of the industry and business support is second to none. She's personally handpicked each one of our virtual office locations.

Francesca Dixon
Francesca Dixon

Managing Director

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