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Why Kent is a Great Choice for your Virtual Office


Why Kent is a Great Choice for your Business

Landscapes and rich history, but it is steadily making a name for itself as a dynamic and vibrant hub for businesses. Its strategic location, excellent transport links, and a diverse, skilled workforce create an ideal environment for businesses to flourish. But wait, there's more! In these times when "work from home" and "virtual office" are being used more and more frequently, Kent offers a unique advantage. Just imagine being able to run your business from the comfort of your home in this beautiful county! At Virtual Headquarters, we have made it possible. We now offer office addresses and co-working spaces in Sheerness and Tenterden, giving you the flexibility to work in a professional environment in Kent.Check out our virtual offices in Kent!

Advantages of a Virtual Office in Kent

Choosing a virtual office in Kent offers a number of advantages for businesses of all sizes. Firstly, it allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere, especially at home, while still maintaining a professional business address in a well-regarded location. A virtual office can drastically reduce overheads, as it eliminates the need to rent a physical office, make utility payments and buy hardware. It also provides access to key business facilities such as meeting rooms and administrative support when required. Also, having a business address in Kent adds a degree of credibility to your business, as the county is known as an up and coming business hub.

Proximity to London

Kent’s close proximity to London offers an advantage for businesses considering setting up a virtual office here. Being just a stone’s throw away from the capital, businesses can tap into the diverse market of London, presenting a whole new audience and vast opportunities for growth. This location positions you perfectly for networking, partnerships, and client reach, extending your business visibility. Also, with excellent transport links, you can easily schedule face-to-face meetings in London, or invite clients and partners to your co-working space in Sheerness or Tenterden. In essence, a virtual office in Kent offers the best of both worlds – the tranquillity of the countryside and the bustling business life of the city.

Kent has a thriving business community

Kent boasts a thriving business community. Networking opportunities abound and the local business community is supportive and collaborative. Being part of this community can help your business develop strong local connections and partnerships. From innovative start-ups and small enterprises to multinational corporations. Businesses in Kent have access to a host of networking events, seminars, and business fairs that help foster relationship building, lead generation, and partnership formation. Kent’s supportive local government also offers attractive business incentives, support services, and a commitment to sustaining a solid local economy.

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Access to a skilled workforce

Kent offers access to a highly skilled and diverse workforce. With numerous top-rated universities and colleges in the region, businesses can tap into a pool of talented graduates ready to contribute to your business’s growth and success. The University of Kent, known as the “UK’s European University”, has a substantial reputation for its research-led teaching. The university has a strong emphasis on employability skills, ensuring students are ready to contribute to the workforce from day one.

Canterbury Christ Church University, on the other hand, is renowned for its excellent teaching programmes, particularly in areas like health and social care. With its commitment to practical experience, it produces graduates who not only have academic knowledge, but also the hands-on experience that businesses value.

These universities, along with several others in the region, contribute to a steady stream of highly-skilled graduates every year. This ready supply of talent is a valuable resource for businesses based in Kent. Whether you’re seeking tech-savvy innovators, creative problem-solvers, or dedicated team players, you’ll find them in Kent’s vibrant academic community.

Attractive investment opportunities

Kent is a magnet for investment. The county has a range of initiatives to support this goal. These include the Enterprise Zone status for parts of North Kent, which offers businesses significant benefits such as business rate discounts, superfast broadband, and simplified planning laws.

Investment in Kent also benefits from the county’s continuous investment in infrastructure development. The Thames Estuary Production Corridor project is one example, aiming to create the world’s largest creative corridor by linking London, North Kent, and South Essex. This represents a massive opportunity for businesses in the creative and digital sectors.

Investors can also tap into a variety of sectors in Kent. From manufacturing, digital, and creative sectors to life sciences and food production. With more and more businesses choosing Kent as their base, this is the right time to invest and take advantage of the growth potential this vibrant county offers.

Kent has it all!


We have 5 virtual office locations in Kent!

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Having a Kent address can give your business a boost.

Why choose Virtual HQ for your Virtual Office in Kent

At Virtual HQ, we understand the value of reputation and success in the business world. We are a trusted provider of virtual offices, tailored for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses looking to establish or extend their business presence. We provide a range of services designed to cater to your business needs, ensuring you can operate efficiently and effectively. Our services include:

  • Kent Telephone Numbers: We offer local Kent telephone numbers, which can help your business establish a strong local presence and build trust with your clients.
  • Kent Registered Address: Using our Kent registered address service, your business can have a prestigious Kent business address, adding credibility to your brand.
  • Our mail-handling service ensures you receive your business mail promptly, even when you’re working remotely. We can also forward your mail to any location, providing you flexibility.

Choose us as your business partner and benefit from our extensive services that are designed to enhance your professional image, improve your operational efficiency, and support your business’s growth.

Co-working Space in Kent

We’re excited to announce that we now offer co-working spaces in Canterbury, Sheerness and Tenterden, Kent. These vibrant towns are a budding hub for businesses and entrepreneurs. With our co-working spaces, you can work alongside like-minded professionals, network, and collaborate in a modern and inspiring environment.

Our co-working spaces provide flexibility, convenience, and cost savings for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a freelancer, start-up or established company, our Sheerness and Tenterden locations offer the perfect opportunity to establish your business in Kent.

Kent meeting rooms

Discover our exceptional meeting spaces, available for booking on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis across Canterbury, Sheerness, and Tenterden in Kent. From cosy, intimate rooms to expansive event spaces, we have the perfect setting to impress your clients.

At The Island Works in Sheerness, experience the grandeur of a beautifully restored heritage church. The event space is a breathtaking marvel, ideal for hosting impactful business presentations, dynamic seminars, and inspiring creative workshops. Its accessibility ensures an inclusive environment where everyone can participate and be

Don’t miss out on the many advantages of working from home with a virtual office, co-working and meeting rooms in Kent. Join Virtual HQ today and take your business to new heights. Contact us now to learn more about our virtual office solutions and co-working spaces in Kent. Let us help you achieve success in the garden of England.

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