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Freelancing after coronavirus – is a virtual office a viable solution to growing your business?

A freelancer working from home using a virtual office address to lend credibility and grow his brand

The Coronavirus crisis is impacting every aspect of our lives. Daily activities, travel, and of course business is all affected. Small business owners and freelancers face a new challenge when lockdown is lifted; to focus their efforts on getting the wheels back in motion.

For the self-employed, perhaps an even bigger hurdle is how to go about finding a way forward that will foster company growth. While this challenge will be unique for each industry, one method worth considering is using a virtual office to boost the impression your brand has on potential new clients and customers.

Here, we look at the ways a virtual address can help you reach a captive audience and help you in promoting your services.

What are the benefits of a virtual office?


Perhaps the biggest advantage of a virtual office, especially for start-ups, is the credibility they provide. Using a virtual address instead of your home address instils a sense of confidence, promoting your brand as a legitimate, trustworthy business.


The flexibility a virtual office provides is evident when comparing the restrictions of a traditional office rental. Removing the overhead costs typically associated with traditional rentals, this financial freedom can give small business the space they need to allocate more of their budget where it matters. Rather than being tied to a physical office space, you can give yourself the flexibility to have virtual office space in Bristol, London, Leeds – or anywhere else that fits your businesses’ needs.


Privacy is a huge advantage of using a virtual office that’s often overlooked. Using your personal data for business – such as your mobile number or home address – opens a potential struggle to keep work life and personal life separate. When you rent a virtual office, you can choose additional services like access to a local telephone number and a business address that you can provide your clients with. This helps you keep your personal data private, while providing your clients and customers with a trusted contact number and location.

These are just a few of the ways a virtual office can have a positive effect on the way you conduct your business. For a more comprehensive overview of how using a virtual office can benefit you, our article covers all the bases that may be of interest to you.

Ways a virtual office can help build your brand reputation

Grow your local reputation

Renting a virtual office grants you access to optional add-on services. These services include access to a local telephone number or a national 033 number – the choice is yours and largely depends on the type of image you want your business to portray. A resident number helps to grow your reputation by location – which we understand is important for small businesses, especially when the target audience is locally-based. Whether you’re after a virtual office space in London or somewhere else around the UK, you can quickly show that you’re local.

Other additional services, such as mail scanning and forwarding, allow you to receive your correspondence in one central location and collect it at your convenience. By using a proper business address to receive and hold your mail, you need never worry about missing an important document or deadline, and you will be further building on the trust of your clients and customers.

Access to impressive facilities on demand

As a virtual office tenant, you will have access to physical, on-site meeting rooms as and when you need them. Hosting meetings with external clients and potential customers can be conducted with the peace of mind that comes with using a meeting room, available to rent by the hour, half day or full day. This lends further to your brands’ credibility and trustworthiness by impressing your guests with a fully equipped meeting room, and your clients need never know you aren’t permanently based there.

Your admin & secretarial duties are handled professionally

Administration can be time-consuming, and when you’re trying to grow your business, your focus needs to be on attracting and landing new clients. Virtual office admin teams will ensure your admin is taken care of, from telephone answering through to diary management. A friendly, welcoming voice will mirror the credibility you’ve already built on. Unsolicited calls will also be filtered out, so you’ll only need to spend time following up on legitimate enquiries and securing more customers.

We understand times are challenging for small businesses, start-ups and freelancers. Enjoy the freedom of flexibility, fixed, low monthly costs and a real opportunity to make a standout name for yourself in your industry. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us by filling out this contact form, or call us on 0330 107 5156 for more information.

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