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Bad Business Idea #7: The VisionClear

Welcome to another edition of “Bad Business Idea of the Week” – where we dive into the world of failed ventures! Get ready to laugh and cringe as we showcase absurd and ridiculous business ideas. Our goal? To entertain and educate about entrepreneurship. Join our experts at Virtual HQ as we unveil a new and hilariously innovative idea that’ll make you wonder, “What were they thinking?!” Remember, laughter is the best sidekick in the pursuit of entrepreneurial triumph!

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The Juicero

Let's dive straight into the annals of entrepreneurial blunders. Meet 'Juicero', a company that aimed to revolutionise our kitchens with their smart juicer. The premise was seemingly simple - a machine that squeezes packets of chopped fruits and vegetables, sold via subscription. This Silicon Valley-backed initiative was launched with considerable fanfare and a hefty price tag of $699 (£507).

But here's the twist – it turned out that the expensive machine was unnecessary, as the packets could be squeezed by hand to produce the same amount of juice. This revelation effectively turned the 'smart' juicer into a very pricey doorstop. When this truth surfaced, Juicero swiftly became the laughing stock of the tech world, with investors and customers alike feeling cheated.

What lesson can we learn from this? Market research is crucial. Ensure there is genuine need for your product, and that it lives up to its USP. Don't be a Juicero!

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The Pot Noodle

Meet 'Pot Noodle', a product that seems preposterous on the face of it, but one that ended up taking the UK by storm. The idea? A plastic pot full of dehydrated noodles and vegetables, with a sachet of flavourful broth. All you have to do is add boiling water, wait a few minutes and voila, you have a hot meal!

The idea was met with scepticism. Critics believed that the British market, known for its love of traditional, hearty meals, would reject such a convenience-based product. Nevertheless, Pot Noodle launched in 1977 and its popularity has soared ever since. Today, it's a student staple and an iconic part of British food culture. The product's success lies in its convenience, affordability, and surprisingly tasty flavours.

The journey of Pot Noodle teaches us that sometimes, the most absurd ideas can end up being the most successful ones. Even in the world of business, it seems, it pays to be a little bit 'pot'-ty!

New Product – The VisionClear

Category: B2C

Product/Service: Product

Annual Market Size: Optical Industry – $5.0 billion (source).

Main Competition: Well.. all reputable opticians, and perhaps halfords too?!

Main Drawbacks:

While VisionClear offers a unique solution to an age-old problem, it’s not without its drawbacks. First, the wiper mechanism may add noticeable weight to the glasses, causing discomfort for the wearer. Second, the constant movement of the wipers could potentially distract the user, which might be an issue especially in safety-sensitive situations like driving. Lastly, the durability and water resistance of the wiper system is yet to be tested in real-world conditions. These issues, while not insurmountable, would need to be addressed to make VisionClear a practical solution for spectacle wearers.

Chance of Success: 27/1000

Introducing VisionClear, the superhero of spectacles, the titan of telescopic sight! No longer must us four-eyed folk be foiled by the ferocious fog or relentless rain. This ingenious invention is here to declare war on weather-inflicted vision impairment.

Picture this – it’s a drizzly day, and your spectacles have transformed into your personal windshield, sans wipers. But fear not! Enter VisionClear. Decked out with miniature wipers, it’s like having a car’s windscreen on your nose – rather fetching, don’t you agree?

This nifty device ensures that come rain, sleet, or snow, your specs stay spotless and your vision, well, clear. However, be prepared for some extra weight on your nose bridge – it’s a small price to pay for weather-defying vision! And don’t worry about the constant wiper action – it’s not distracting, it’s hypnotic! VisionClear, turning visual obstacles into opportunities for comic relief and clearer sight.

What does it look like?


Probably not the most stylish, but hey the other spectacles wearers won't even be able to see you in the rain, theirs don't have wipers!


These ones are extendable and have a little bit of fabric at the end to polish the glass after!


These were a prototype, needless to say they weren't a success.

Who will buy it?

Most likely, the first customers will be an eclectic mix of adventurous spectacle wearers, those perpetually prepared for the unexpected British weather, and individuals who appreciate the quirky charm of a chortle-inducing accessory. Think about it – the intrepid explorer, scaling the misty peaks of Ben Nevis, unbothered by the drizzle thanks to VisionClear. Or the unflappable London commuter, navigating through the masses, rain or shine, with pinpoint precision. Not forgetting the quirky eccentric at the pub, always prepared to weather a pint-spilling disaster. VisionClear – because who says your eyewear can’t be functional, fashionable, and a bit funny?

How does it compare to similar products?

At first glance, you might be tempted to compare VisionClear to other spectacle brands. But let’s be honest, there’s no true comparison here! It’s like pitting a superhero comic book against a telephone directory – both have pages and words, but only one will keep you riveted and entertained.

Traditional glasses offer the sole function of vision correction. VisionClear, on the other hand, is a multi-tasking marvel. Not only does it correct your vision, but it also battles the elements, serving as your personal windshield. Imagine strolling in the rain with your standard specs, stumbling and squinting, while VisionClear wearers nonchalantly navigate through the downpour with pristine clarity.

So, in a world full of butter knife brands, dare to be a Swiss army spectacle. Choose VisionClear, the superhero of eyewear, and transform your rainy day strolls into an adventure!

VisionClear reviews

“I bought these and my wife left me” – A customer who should be grateful that he now has the chance to find someone who loves him for his personality…

“OUCH MY EYE” – A customer who put them on back to front.


In conclusion, VisionClear is not just another pair of spectacles, but a veritable weather-warrior, ready to rescue your sight from the onslaught of precipitation. They may not win you any style points, and they might cause your significant other to question your sartorial choices. However, in the face of adverse weather, you’ll be the one laughing (and seeing clearly) while others fumble and squint. Sure, they’re not for everyone, but for those bold enough to embrace their utility – and their undeniable charm – VisionClear glasses are a sight for sore eyes! So, join the ranks of the fearless and the fog-free. Choose VisionClear, because life’s too short for blurry vision and boring eyewear! At Virtual Headquarters we have over 120 locations for you to register your business address, no matter how whacky or crazy your idea may seem, we’ve got you covered.

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