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12 Virtual Work Christmas Party Ideas

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12 Virtual Work Christmas Party Ideas

Virtual Christmas parties have become very popular due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, even before then, virtual teams across the country came together online for a fun evening filled with festivities. We have prepared a handy list of 12 virtual work Christmas parties to spark your imagination and help you plan a night to remember!

1. Baking or decorating workshop 

For a fun and engaging holiday celebration, organise a holiday baking extravaganza for your team! Baking and decorating gingerbread, making chocolates or assembling a gingerbread house – let your imagination run wild. If you decide to organise a baking workshop, ensure that all participants have access to an oven! 

For virtual fuss-free (and ovenless) team activity, check out pre-made gingerbread house kits, like this one from Ocado.


2. Online Escape Room

According to Express, virtual escape rooms are becoming more and more popular. Virtual escape rooms allow you and your team to engage in an exciting escape room experience similar to in-person escape rooms from the comfort of your own home. Usually, the experience is hosted over Zoom or a similar video conferencing platform and your team controls a character to complete the challenges. 

Prices for online escape rooms vary depending on difficulty, themes and number of participants, learn more about virtual escape room experiences here.


3. Virtual Secret Santa

If you want to participate in a gift exchange this Christmas, even if you can’t physically exchange them, try Virtual Secret Santa. Start by picking names; here is a handy Secret Santa Generator tool to help you out with this task – simply put in the names, emails and the budget, and it will send out emails to all participants with the name of the person they need to get a present for. 

If your employees want to keep their home addresses private to their colleagues, either appoint a Secret Santa coordinator that can forward the presents to their owners or try a truly virtual Secret Santa gift experience with gift cards that can be sent via email.    


4. Virtual Holiday Awards Ceremony

We all love to be recognised for our efforts, even if it is the snack master award! Put a spin on your next holiday party with a virtual awards celebration! Best zoom meeting background or best meme master – recognise your colleagues for their efforts throughout the year. 

Purchase pre-made award certificates online or make your own personalised certificates for free on Canva.


5. Holiday Quiz/Trivia Night

You can’t go wrong with a classic holiday quiz night! Check out this article for Christmas quiz questions and answers. 

Shake up the timeless holiday quiz night tradition with only wrong answers quiz – loads of laughs and a great night guaranteed. 


6. Play Classic Party Games Virtually 

Another holiday party classic made virtual! Charades, Pictionary, Would you Rather and Most Likely – can all be played online. Check out this list of 150 words and phrases for Christmas charades or go automated with this handy word generator for Pictionary & charades.


7. Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

Spend some quality time with your colleagues by making your very own Christmas ornaments. From simple paper ornaments, wreaths, Christmas crackers to intricate holiday table centrepieces – create unique holiday decorations with your colleagues from the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to make sure that everyone has all the necessary materials prior to the party or purchase pre-made make your own decorations kits for your time just like this kit from Hobbycraft

One of our favourite ideas is to make your own Christmas wreath, here are Christmas wreaths ranked by difficulty: 

Easy – Christmas Loop Yarn Wreath

Medium – Christmas Pom Pom Wreath 

Craft Master – Red Burlap Christmas Wreath 


8. Holiday Happy Hour

Organise a virtual happy hour for your team! What you need to do is ask your team to bring their own drinks, send out drinks to your coworkers, or simply  order a DIY cocktail kit. Also, make sure you prepare some fun games; for more information on how to organise a fun & successful virtual happy hour, check out this article by The New York Times.


9. At Home Scavenger Hunt: Christmas edition 

An enjoyable and engaging way to spice up your virtual Christmas party is by challenging your coworkers to an at-home scavenger hunt. All you need to do is prepare a list of items around the house that all participants will need to find. For example, give your team 60 seconds to find a Christmas card from last year. Then, to truly spark the competitive edge in your coworkers, prepare special prizes for the fastest and most creative scavengers.


10. Cook Along

Another fun virtual work Christmas party idea is a cook along. Whether you prefer to be the head cook or to bring in a professional, preparing a meal or learning how to make a charcuterie board could be a really interactive way to spend some quality time with your colleagues.


11. Drinks Tasting

Treat your team to a virtual drinks tasting experience; whether you’d prefer it to gin, whiskey or even hot chocolate, you are guaranteed a fun time! Who knows, you might find your new favourite holiday drink in the process!


12. Karaoke 

Perhaps your team would enjoy a holiday karaoke? Organise a festive karaoke night by using an online karaoke platform. Singa offers a two-day pass for £4.99, which is perfect for a virtual party. 

Need some inspiration for your Christmas karaoke solo? Check out this list of the best 50 Christmas songs of all time for some inspiration.

Before the big virtual Christmas party, remember to:

  • Prepare for tech issues – it could happen even to the best of us! Make sure you have a backup if your chosen virtual meeting platform is experiencing some technical difficulties.
  • Send materials/ingredients beforehand and confirm that they have received them.
  • Set a dress code; here is a list of 75 dress code ideas. 
  • Prepare an ice breaker, preferably Christmas themed. Check out this article with 100 Christmas ice breaker questions.

From everyone here at Virtual Headquarters, we wish you a fantastic celebration, and we hope that our tips helped you organise a fabulous Christmas party filled with festivities!

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