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Getting your Virtual Office set up is quick and easy, all we require is identification documents from you and the other shareholders in your business.

Once verified – your account will usually be active within 30 minutes. There is a one-off £30 set up fee to cover our costs in confirming your identity.

There is no need to pay a deposit and our contract with you is on a month to month basis.

We want you to work with us because your virtual office is proving successful for your business, not because you are tied into a long-term contract.

We have 1 virtual offices available in Bedfordshire

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Why rent a Virtual Office in Bedford from Virtual HQ?

A Virtual Office in Bedford gives you the opportunity to present a prestigious image to potential clients both in Bedford and around the UK.

It’s vital that before you spend anything on marketing your business, that you consider how your business image looks to potential customers. A good website, business address and local telephone number will look much more professional than a poor-quality website, your home address and mobile number that goes to voicemail.

Don’t let bigger companies get the better of you.

Secure a Virtual Address today.

Mail Forwarding Service Bedford

With Virtual HQ, you only pay for the mail that is forwarded to you, there is no fixed fee per month. Mail forwarding charges are invoiced a month in arrears. Of course, if you’re local you can also decide to collect your mail instead.

All your incoming mail is sorted then placed into new envelopes – if there are multiple items these will be placed in one envelope to save on forwarding fees (and the lives of trees).

Our prices are competitive, you do not pay for the additional envelope, and we charge Royal Mail Franked rates plus 20%. Most of our clients pay between £2 and £7 per month in mail forwarding fees.


Example Bedford Virtual Office Address
Bedford Heights, Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7PH

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