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Can I use a PO Box as my Registered Address in 2024?

Can I use a PO box as a registered address?

Can I still use my PO box as a registered address for my business?

You may be asking yourself, can a PO box be a registered address? Unfortunately, the answer is no. As of March 2024, the UK government will introduce a change in company law, this change will impact businesses that currently use a PO box as their registered office address. PO boxes will no longer be able to be used as a registered address, this change has been implemented in order to increase the accuracy of company data and to help combat economic crime. There could be serious consequences for a company that does not comply with this new change of law, and cannot provide an “appropriate” address for their registered office. So, let's find out what this means for your business.

Read more about the changes to UK company law

Virtual HQ will update Companies House free of charge on your behalf.

Getting to grips with this change

This new legislation is part of the UK government’s initiative to combat economic crime by requiring a company to have an “appropriate address”. So, what is meant by an appropriate address? An appropriate address is a place where the delivery of documents is capable of being recorded by obtaining an acknowledgement of delivery, or there is a person acting on behalf of the company, who has been designated to receive any posted or hand-delivered documents. To put it bluntly, there must be a physical person at the registered address who can receive your company’s mail.

How will this affect your business?

So, now that you know that a PO box cannot be used as a registered address, how will this affect your business? A PO box has been helpful for small businesses, SMEs and remote businesses. PO boxes were cost effective for mailing solutions, and acted as an effective way to maintain privacy for your company. However, using a PO box as a registered address may now result in a fine, a mark on your company’s record or even prosecution. But, all is not lost, there are alternatives to using a PO box as a registered address. A virtual office package can provide the same level of service and keep your business compliant in respect to the new change of law.

The Virtual Headquarters alternative

At Virtual Headquarters we take compliance very seriously, and we look after you and your business. We offer an attractive alternative to a PO box, in the form of a Virtual Office package. At Virtual HQ we offer more than just mailing services, we can provide your business with a prestigious virtual office address that CAN be used as a registered address, that is fully compliant with the new change in legislation.

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What we offer

We have over 130 locations to choose from at Virtual Headquarters, and each one offers a professional and prestigious address for your business, as we know how important it is to maintain a stellar reputation. All of our offices are real commercial buildings, with real people working there during business hours. Mail received for you will be handled securely with care. You can opt to collect your mail, or have it forwarded or scanned across to you. Along with our mail handling options, we also offer call answering, co-working options and bookable meeting rooms. We also have dedicated account managers to help guide you through the process, keep you compliant and answer any questions you may have. We have a fantastic reputation too, don’t believe us? Check out our reviews.

Our virtual office subscriptions are based on 30-day rolling terms (or annual if you want to benefit from our 15% discount) and you can make changes at any time, as we know businesses need to adapt to the changing landscape – so you won’t be locked into contracts with us.

Making the move

Making the move from a PO box as your registered address is non negotiable with the new legislation coming into effect, but this doesn’t have to be a negative for your business. Moving from a PO box to a Virtual Office package can be a fantastic opportunity to enhance your business, with a reputable new address and giving you the opportunity to enhance your online presence. Our friendly and helpful team are here to guide you through the process of setting up your new virtual office and we have lots of stunning addresses to choose from. Why not turn this into an opportunity to really improve your company’s image?

Please note

The upcoming changes are an amendment to the current Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act. We strongly advise reviewing this document to fully understand the extent of the changes and implications. Visit the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 for more information.


This change in legislation can be an opportunity for positive change within your business, moving from a PO box as a registered address to a Virtual Office doesn’t have to be painful. A Virtual Office Address UK can enhance your company’s image, keep you compliant through this period of change, and provide you with additional service that will benefit your business. Contact Virtual Headquarters to make the move today.

Alexandra handles all things marketing here at Virtual HQ

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