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The 7 Best Walks in London

Our guide to the best walks in London.

Take a walk through the capital!

London is a city that’s filled with history, culture, and beauty, the capital arguably offers some of the most picturesque walks in the world. Despite the hustle and bustle, sky scrapers and bright lights, there are many opportunities to escape the chaos and enjoy a relaxing walk. So, if you’re looking for a bit of peace, we’ve created a guide to London's most scenic walks, where nature, and history combine to create a walker's paradise.Check out our virtual offices in London

1. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Discover a place of tranquility and beauty within the bustling city of London. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is not only a world-renowned scientific institution but also a picturesque place offering some incredible landscapes. Stroll through a variety of gardens, see the trees in the arboretum, and enjoy the  Victorian glasshouses that house an extraordinary collection of plants from around the world. Why settle for just a walk when you can explore gardens that have been carefully looked after for hundreds of years? The Royal Botanic Gardens really shows how beautiful and intricate nature is.

Where? Kew, Richmond, London, TW9 3AE

2. The Regents Canal Walk

Connecting the historic Grand Union Canal to the River Thames, The Regents Canal offers a serene and picturesque walk through the heart of London. Go past the pretty narrowboats, through charming Little Venice, to lively Camden Market. It’s a route that shows London’s calm canals alongside its busy city life. Why not take a break from the city buzz and enjoy a walk that gives you peace, beauty, and a different view of the city?

Where? City Rd, London N1 8AP

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3. Hampstead Heath Circular

Check out the amazing and varied scenery at Hampstead Heath, and get a stunning view of the London Skyline too. It’s got woodlands, meadows, and ponds, giving you a taste of the English countryside in the middle of the city. Walking up to Parliament Hill is a must for a panoramic view that shows off London. This untouched beauty is right in the middle of such a lively city, providing you relief from the excitement and bustle of the capital.

Where? Camden Borough

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4. The Thames Path

The Thames Path National Trail is a walker’s dream, stretching 184 miles from the river’s source in the Cotswolds, right through the heart of London, to the North Sea. The London section of this path takes you past iconic landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. With the River Thames beside you the whole time, this walk not only provides stunning views but also a connection to London’s history. There really isn’t a more iconic way to explore London than by following the path of its most famous river.

5. The South Bank Walk

The South Bank of the River Thames offers a cultural walk, bustling with the energy of street performers, artists, and the smell of global cuisines from the street food market. This stretch, from the London Eye to Tower Bridge, passes iconic buildings such as the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and the Borough Market. What better way to experience London’s cultural scene than by taking a leisurely stroll along its most scenic riverside walk?

Where? London, SE1

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Step in to London's scenery!

Kew Gardens offers a beautiful and tranquil walk

Take in the beauty of Kew Gardens.

Walk through Little Venice for a taste of Italy in London.

Little Venice is one of the most beautiful areas in London.

Follow the Thames Path for a scenic walk.

Follow the Thames Path for a scenic walk.

6. Greenwich Park to Blackheath

Take a stroll from charming Greenwich Park, through the ancient trees, to the wide open spaces of Blackheath. This walk isn’t just about nature – it’s a great way to explore London’s maritime history and space achievements. The Royal Observatory and the stunning views of Canary Wharf across the Thames show how London mixes history with modern life. It’s amazing how one walk can sum up London’s whole story, past, present, and future!

Where? London SE10 8QY

7. The Lea Valley Walk

From the Thames, this trail winds its way north through parks, wetlands, and next to the River Lea, offering an escape to the greener side of London. It showcases the industrial past of the East End, evolving into peaceful nature reserves and country parks. This walk truly captures London’s diverse landscape, shifting from city life to natural beauty.

Final Thoughts

London’s walks are as varied and interesting as the city. Each route gives a special look into London’s essence, passing through history, culture, and nature. Whether you live there or are just visiting, these strolls offer enriching experiences that stay with you. Explore London on foot for the best way to see the sights. At Virtual Headquarters we have a large selection of virtual offices in London to choose from, so why not book a meeting room and then head out for a relaxing walk after?

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