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Which Virtual Office in Nottingham is right for me?

Located in the heart of the bustling city Centre, Virtual HQ is pleased to offer 2 unique virtual offices in urban Nottingham and its stylish suburbs.

Designed to suit your individual needs, these offices are perfect for any Nottingham business that wants to project a sophisticated and elite image.

We have 2 virtual offices available in Nottingham

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What is a Nottingham Virtual Office?

A Virtual office is simply a business mailing address, often with a telephone number and a receptionist answering your incoming calls. It helps your business establish a corporate image without the cost associated with maintaining your own premises.

Although Virtual Offices have been available for many years, there has been a significant increase in their popularity recently due to the rise in remote working and e-commerce businesses that do not require a shop front.

Our Nottingham Virtual Office services benefit businesses across all industries, allowing both the flexibility to work remotely and take advantage of much lower overheads.

Two factors that are crucial for many young companies to survive and flourish.

Nottingham Office Space vs Nottingham Virtual Office

Many businesses first choose to use a Virtual Office due to the massive cost savings that can be achieved when compared to the rental rates for physical office space.

Likewise, for an established business, Virtual Offices are a great way to test out new markets without committing too much money – to a project that is yet to prove itself.

per month

The average cost per desk for office space in Nottingham City Centre

per month

The cost per business for a Virtual Office in Nottingham City Centre

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Why choose Nottingham for your Virtual Office?


Nottingham has a very strong networking community that helps entrepreneurs gain a foothold in the city, with help and advice always on hand.

Science and Technology City

Nottingham is one of only 6 UK locations designated as a ‘Science City’ and is recognized as a great location for health and technology start-ups.

Enterprise Zone

Nottingham’s enterprise Zone offers a great starting point for new start-ups looking to gain funding and support.

Nottingham Telephone Answering Service

For a fraction of the cost of employing a receptionist, you can utilise our fully trained telephone answering team. Our team are experts at crafting a service that is bespoke to each individual client. (A scripted, robotic sounding answering service we are not).

Missed calls are certainly a problem for small businesses, with hundreds of potential enquiries going unanswered every day in Nottingham alone. Stopping missed calls is all well and good, and a telephone answering service does solve this problem.

However, when trusting anyone to answer valuable calls on your behalf, you need to ensure they represent your business with professionalism and efficiency. This we can guarantee.

In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our answering service, that the team handling your calls also handle all the incoming calls for Virtual HQ.

Our Nottingham Telephone Answering service starts at £45.00 per month, includes 20 calls, free call transfers to mobile or landline, and free messages by text or email (or both).

Registered office address Nottingham

All UK Limited Companies are required to provide a registered office address which is displayed on the public register. Your registered address is used by organisations such as HMRC and Companies House to communicate with your business.

Our two virtual office locations in Nottingham can be used to register your company address, it’s just an extra £5 per month on top of your virtual office package. Official Mail from HMRC and Companies House will be forwarded or held for collection as per your instructions.

Generally, your registered address is not used for marketing purposes (unless your registered and trading address are the same) so many businesses use their accountant’s address, or even their home address to register the company.

Whilst you certainly can use your home address, you must be mindful that:

a.) Every time you move home your registered address would also have to change, and multiple address changes on Companies House don’t look great for a company, making it look unstable.

b.) Your Home Address will be visible on the public register, meaning customers and suppliers will know where you live. There is nothing particularly sinister about that, but it’s certainly worth bearing in mind (for example, you could have an unpleasant disagreement with a customer)

Example Nottingham Virtual Office Address
2 King Street, Nottingham, NG1 2AS
Example Nottingham Local Telephone Number
01157 270104

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