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With over 24,000 businesses registered in the city of Manchester alone, this makes it ideal for having a prestigious business address. Whether from within the UK or for potential overseas clients, Manchester is definitely on the international map, and not just thanks to its two principal football teams. Business is booming in Manchester.

With a population in excess of 500,000 the city of Manchester is thriving, 10,000 new businesses a year start up in the region, so demand for office space is high. This can mean only one thing; the cost of office space is high as well.

This is not good news for you, whether you are a start-up business, or one which is already established, but there is an extremely cost-effective solution; one which will allow you to invest more money into your business and less into office space.

Manchester Virtual Offices are a cheap, cost effective solution

Ask yourself this question: What do I need an office for? The answer is usually very simple, as you need an office:
• To give my business an official-looking address which will impress potential and existing clients or customers
• To have somewhere to send mail to (not everything is done via email)
• To have someone answer the phone

For under £45.00 a month and with no long-term contract to tie you in knots, Virtual HQ can provide all of the above and help give your business the greatest chance for survival and success.

For a Virtual Office on Great Ancoats Street or Piccadilly Plaza, we have a great choice of virtual offices in Manchester with the perfect address to suit your business.