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What is a mail forwarding service?

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Quite simply, a mail forwarding service is when you rent a premium business address, and the mail that’s received at that nominated address is forwarded on to an address of your choice.
It allows you to stop using your home address for business correspondence or if you already have an office address, it can allow you to open up offices in new geographical locations.
If you have an office in Birmingham, and want to expand with an office address in Bristol, its incredibly simple to set up, and with Virtual Headquarters, you can order your new business address online.
There are a number of different reasons as to why a mail forwarding service would work for your business.


By hiding your home address, you can separate your business and home life. Clients will never pop round unexpectedly, as by using a Virtual Office you keep your home address completely private.


If you use your home address for business, each time you move house all your business details will also have to change.
Not only is this a hassle, but you could potentially miss important information if customers and suppliers do not correctly update your details.
Each time you change address; your business cards, letterheads, promotional material, web address all need to change. By using a Virtual Office address with mail forwarding, your business can always remain planted in one location.


Using a virtual office address with mail forwarding will instantly elevate your business credibility.
Competitors that are based in an average commercial location will be paying a high office rent for the privilege – you can go one step further and locate your business in an ultra-exclusive location, elevating you above them in the eyes of a potential customer.
You can even open up regional offices, and overwhelm your competition.

Mail forwarding options

A good Virtual Office provider should be forwarding by first class post, this way there will never be any issues with receiving your mail.
Some providers, to keep their operation costs low  will offer free or heavily discounted post forwarding.
This is not good for you as a client, as these providers will redirect through the royal mail without paying the adequate postage cost; mail will often be returned to sender, or you will receive it with postage to pay, as Royal Mail catches what is essentially an abuse of the system.

What about having your mail scanned and emailed?

Virtual Headquarters offers mail scanning, either as a standalone service or combined with post forwarding.
For one fixed monthly fee, we scan all received mail straight to your inbox, either destroying the paper copies or forwarding to you in batches monthly.
By receiving your mail as a scanned PDF, you can access your mail wherever you are, as soon as it’s received – and vastly reduce both paperwork clutter and the need to file away mail.

Our mail forwarding options are easily viewable on each Virtual Office location page, order online or call us today to chat through the options available.

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Francesca Dixon

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