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How do I Get a Virtual Address for My Business?

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Your business mailing address is an important consideration for many reasons. Whether you’re looking to keep your home address private or would like to present a trustworthy and professional looking business address, a virtual address is a great solution for a business address.

What exactly is a virtual address and why do you need one? Imagine that you’re a sole proprietor or a small business owner running your business from home. Stationery, business cards, and your contact information should have an address for receiving snail mail and parcels, but putting your home address may be exposing too much personal information or come across as unprofessional. A virtual address is a real, physical location that provides a range of services including receiving your mail for you and also give your business a trustworthy impression on clients.

If you’re wondering how you can get a virtual address for your business, these tips can help you get set up and looking professional quickly and efficiently.

Find a Virtual Office Service

Depending on where you live, there may be plenty of virtual office services in ideal locations and with a wide range of ancillary services that they may provide. Such services include: business telephone lines, virtual receptionists, the ability to use meeting or conference rooms, and desks and office equipment for rent.

Do shop around and find a virtual office that’s reputable, provides quality service, and offers reasonable prices. After all, you’re likely using a virtual office in order to save money when compared to leasing office space.

Select a Virtual Address

Since you shouldn’t use your home address as your business address, an ideal virtual address should be located somewhere that’s not too far from you but also somewhere where other reputable businesses are, such as on a high street. The best bit is that you can pick the city that most makes sense for your business: so go for a virtual office in Leeds without paying the price of an actual office space, or get a business address in a classy part of Central London that won’t cost you the earth.

Customise Your Services

If you’re only looking for a virtual address, be sure to only choose this feature from your virtual office service. Additional services related to mail can often be also purchased and can provide you with a lot of utility. For example, some virtual offices will open and scan your mail and email it directly to you, and you even have the option of requesting that they either forward it to you at home or shred it confidentially.

Consider all the features you think you’ll need, as many of them provide you with a lot of value and reduce the need for you to spend your time and money making trips to your virtual mailing address.

Complete Your Purchase

Once you’re happy with your virtual address and any other features you’d like to use, go ahead and purchase your product. Take note that most virtual offices will require a one-time setup fee upon registration.

Submit Registration Paperwork

Every country has different laws pertaining to the formation and registration of business licenses. Therefore, this last point may or may not apply to you in your particular country. Always consult a professional commercial lawyer if you require assistance in the legalities of registering your business and to know if the use of virtual addresses is legal for your business in your jurisdiction.

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Francesca Dixon

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