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We act as an aggressive virtual office marketing arm for our partners, currently covering more virtual office locations than anyone else, except Regus. Our website ranks top organically in almost every location along with our active PPC campaigns and Google Maps listings. This means we receive a high volume of enquiries and our sales team currently converts enquiries to sales at an 86% rate. Additionally, we complete in-depth MLR checks on all clients, then handle all ongoing billing.

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The average recurring monthly revenue for partners is £2,000

132 locations and counting...

By choosing to partner with Virtual HQ, you are joining the largest independent virtual office network. Partnering with us offers the opportunity to boost your existing virtual office revenue or establish a new revenue stream. But that's not all – we go beyond that. We actively promote and refer co-working and meeting room leads to our partners, and the best part is, we do not charge any brokerage fees. Join us today and take advantage of this valuable partnership to expand your business and increase your revenue.

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Our conversion sales rate stands at an impressive 86%

We maintain strong partnerships with 96% of our initial partners

In 2022 we drove £1.8 million for our building partners

We offer a 'hands off' compliance service for all our partners

The average recurring monthly revenue for partners is £2,000

We’ve got the largest national network of established offices

Manchester, Greater Manchester



Prices start from £25 p/m

4 buildings partners

Partnerships started 2016

1st-3rd organic ranking on Google

Over 300 clients

Reading, Berkshire



Prices start from £40 p/m

1 building partner

Over 50 clients

Partnership began in 2017

1st organic ranking on Google

Coventry, West Midlands



Prices start from £40 p/m

1 building Partner

Over 60 clients

Partnership began in 2018

1st organic ranking on Google

Bristol, South West



Prices start from £25 p/m

4 building partnerships

Over 250 clients

Partnerships began in 2016

1st-2nd organic ranking on Google

4 GMB profiles live, top 5 profiles

London, UK



Prices start from £40 p/m

15 building partnerships

Over 500 client

Partnerships began in 2016

1st-2nd organic ranking on Google

Virtual office revenue

Virtual HQ's partnership is a buy rate basis agreement, which is usually 50% of the virtual office rates. Any revenue generated from meeting room hire, hot desk bookings, or physical tenancy leads will go directly to your business. Yes, you read that right! We won't take a broker cut from these earnings. It's a remarkable opportunity to boost your bottom line and maximise your profits.

Physical Tenant Leads

By teaming up with us, you'll also gain exposure to a whole new pool of potential clients. We are more than thrilled to share information about your fantastic services with our extensive network of virtual office clients and leads. It's like having a personal marketing team dedicated to promoting your offerings. The result? More visibility, more enquiries, and ultimately, more business for you!

Meeting Room & Co-working Bookings

We will list all of your available meeting rooms and hot desks on our website and the rates, when the client is activated they are provided with the centres contact details to book meeting/hot desks directly.

Virtual Office Tenants

When we generate a new customer, we send you their details (including a soft credit report to verify their identity) in a document we call the 'Occupier Statement' - this is a simple document that shows the company names, contact names to accept post for, along with whether the client asked to collect post of have post forwarded to a different address.

Coming soon - We have been working hard to create a secure custom portal for our partners, which will show all the virtual tenants and financials over the above. We will let you know when this is live!

Monthly Revenue From Virtual HQ

On the 1st of each month you will receive a financial breakdown with the amount of clients and revenue that has been generated for the month prior, you should then invoice Virtual HQ for the total value shown + VAT.

You should also add any postage costs incurred during the month, with a breakdown of which clients these charges applied to - We will then reimburse you.

Whats required by the you?

We require very little input from the centre side, things should work like clockwork, below is a snapshot of how this all works. Your location is up on our website, and we will generate enquiries, our team will handle the enquiry and convert them into a customer - we deal with hundreds every month. When we convert an enquiry into a customer, we handle all their ongoing billing.

Mail Collection
Mail Collection

Simply send an email to them informing them they have post to collect and inform the client of the appropriate opening hours, post should be held securely until it's collected.

Mail Forwarding
Mail Forwarding

When mail is received, forward out to the address provided. The post should be sent out at least twice a week, ideally daily using first class postage, which will be reimbursed to you by VHQ monthly - Simply add to your invoice.

Mail Scanning
Mail Scanning

Don't worry if you don't wish to offer this service, however it's the quickest way for clients to get their post (instead of snail-mail!) We will charge the client for the admin involved.

Registered Address
Registered Address

Most clients wish to use the address as their Registered Address on Companies House, we charge an additional fee for this privilege. Adding this as an addon option on your listing will ensure maximum virtual office revenue.

Virtual HQ's AML Procedures

"We complete extensive checks on all clients prior to activating their account. These checks are conducted not only to comply with Anti Money Laundering laws, but also (to the best of our knowledge) to ensure the client is not associated with any dishonest activity or presenting a high risk to the business. Our checks therefore often exceed the requirements of AML regulations, and we are proud of our commitment to maintaining the high reputation of all the offices we partner with. If a client doesn't pass our stringent checks, we simply turn the client away. The client is only provided with the full address and their services activated once checks are completed."

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Connie Mandry

Compliance and Operations Manager

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Read our VHQ AML procedures:

AML premises registration

Compliance with the law mandates that all buildings providing Virtual Office services must undergo an AML premises registration with HMRC. To streamline this process, Virtual HQ assumes responsibility for the registration, and we divide the annual fee equally, 50/50. Notably, payment for the registration is only required once Virtual HQ begins generating revenue, with the initial year's fee being conveniently spread across monthly instalments. The fee is currently £300 p/a but subject to change by HMRC.

Our on-boarding process

- We start by establishing the Persons with Significant Control (PwSC) of the proposed business. We look into the history of the company and locate the necessary individuals with whom we would require documentation from. Depending on the structure of the company, we may also identify additional individuals we would request documentation for, just for extra security. Depending on the client's selected mail preference, we would also request documentation for the forwarding address.

- Our Compliance Team research the nature of the company, and build a picture to establish what (if any) risk they present. This includes obtaining a clear description of the company and why they require a virtual office.

- We obtain photo identification and proof of home address for all PwSC in the business. These documents are reviewed by our Compliance Team, and they are trained to spot any irregularities. We would never activate a client whom we suspected had provided us with false or altered documents.

- Following this, we use third-party compliance software to verify the information supplied for each PwSC, which involves a soft credit check (of which we have provided a downloadable example above. This provides us with additional information linked to the individual, and provides evidence to support their current link to the address they have provided. This software also allows us to check their bank account, passport/driving licence numbers if additional checks on their documents are required.

- Having reviewed the results of this report, we may request additional documentation if required.

- We then run open source searches on each individual associated with the business, to locate any adverse media or articles of any concern. These are checks run by our Compliance Team - not a software - and they have good knowledge of what to search and pick up on. Not only are we searching for anything relating to fraud or money laundering, we vet for anything negative toward the business, or the individuals running it. Our risk appetite is fairly low, meaning there are not many things we would be willing to accept here.

Ongoing due diligence

Ongoing due diligence for Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) laws refers to the continuous monitoring and assessment of client relationships and transactions to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering measures. It involves regular scrutiny and verification of customer information, risk assessment, transaction monitoring, and reporting of suspicious activities.

- We follow the company on Companies House to see if any changes are made, and request additional documents for any new additions (such as new shareholders).

- We carry out subsequent checks every 12 months to ensure the information we hold is still relevant and correct.

Partner training

At Virtual HQ, we go beyond mere provision of Virtual Office services. We equip your centre staff with comprehensive written guidance and an efficient reporting system. Recognising the importance of continuous learning, we also offer ongoing video training to ensure that your staff remains vigilant and well-prepared to identify potential issues on-site. Our commitment to empowering your team sets us apart in delivering a secure and vigilant environment.

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Our Locations

Our locations are hosted by trusted partners, including business centers and co-working spaces. We partner with both larger multi-site providers and independent partners, offering a diverse range of buildings. Some of our partners continue to sell virtual offices themselves working together to achieve maximum expose and revenue and others have decided to step back from offering virtual office services due to the administrative complexities and headaches of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. That's where Virtual HQ comes in! We have the expertise and capability to handle all those responsibilities. They trust us to take care of the details while they focus on other aspects of their business.

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We work a wide range of partners

Check out some examples below and what they have to say about Virtual HQ.
If you're keen to get your Virtual HQ building partnership started, contact Rebecca Smith our Partnership Manager today.

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Don’t just take our word for it, take a look below for testimonies from our current partners.

"VHQ have steadily increased our virtual office services turnover throughout the 5 years we have partnered with them. Their expertise in dealing with the related regulatory due diligence before presenting us with new clients has transformed this aspect of our business with the lightest touch on our part. VH have always been very straightforward and quick to deal with, and our collaboration with them is set to continue indefinitely"

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Wayne Mclennan

Owner of Urbanoid Workspace

"The partnership we have with Virtual Headquarters makes our lives easier. They handle the contracts, we handle the post. The service they provide brings in large amounts of revenue for us per annum, which we wouldn’t have been able to achieve without VHQ. If you’ve got the location, why not flaunt it? As a Site Manager, I would highly recommend partnering with Virtual Headquarters. A smooth and easy working relationship!"

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Lucy Watson

Space & Community Manager at Colony Piccadilly

"VHQ bring to the table an extensive knowledge of the complex and intricate Virtual Office market, which has completely revolutionised Virtual Offices for us as a Landlord. VHQ take what is otherwise a painstaking (and often time consuming) task and streamline the whole process from start to finish, providing an exceptional level of customer service along the way. It’s often said that time is money – and with VHQ there is little time spent, and much gained! Having worked with VHQ for several years across our whole portfolio we couldn’t recommend them highly enough!"

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Hamish Douglas

Asset Manager