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How To Set Up Your Home Office To Improve Productivity

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Home Office Set up To Improve Productivity

With remote working becoming increasingly popular with businesses and employees alike, working from home has become part of the new normal – and is likely here to stay. Whether you’re working from home exclusively or on a hybrid basis, a carefully designed home office setup is essential for productivity. 

To strike a healthy work-life balance, one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing is to take the time to get your personal workspace right. No rushing, and certainly no working from bed!

But how do you go about setting up a home office that helps you thrive? As experts in virtual offices and remote working, we’ve compiled our top tips on the best home office setup for productivity. Read on to find out more. 


Find a suitable space

Working in a dark space surrounded by noise, distracting friends or family and clutter probably isn’t going to do your productivity any favours. 

Seek out a spacious area within your home that is free of clutter and unwanted distractions. Find somewhere where you can make the space your own, giving you freedom to stay focused but also keep your creativity flowing.

Whatever you do, do not work from your bed or sofa, and try to stay away from mixing work with leisure. You’ll want to switch off from work at the end of the day and making sure you have completely separate areas to relax in is essential for a successful home office. 


Make sure you’re comfortable

Even if you’ve secured the perfect quiet space to set up your home office, if you’re suffering from muscle strain and backache, you’ll find your productivity quickly becomes non-existent.

Developing from poor posture and uncomfortable workstations, muscle strain can become a serious drain both physically and mentally. Look after your body and opt for ergonomic equipment, such as lumbar supports and footrests, which are specially designed to keep you comfortable whilst you work. 

You should also make the following adjustments to boost productivity and, most importantly, ensure you are prioritising your health:


Keep it bright and airy

With the important benefit of Vitamin D, our bodies react positively to natural light. So much so that in a study, 70% of employees said access to natural light improved their work performance, whereas 47% of employees reported tiredness from the absence of natural light.

In that case, make sure your home office space is as bright as possible to keep your brain awake and optimise your performance when working.

Working close to a window will also allow you to keep a fresh air flow around your office space, which has been shown to improve productivity and our ability to complete goals.

Can’t get close to a window? Not to worry! Studies have found that ‘blue-enriched’ light bulbs can help to increase productivity by supporting alertness and reducing fatigue. If you want to achieve peak work performance, it’s recommended that you gradually change your office lighting from cooler blues to warmer yellows throughout the day.

Paired with a good amount of indoor plants to cleanse the air and bring nature indoors, you’ll achieve the same positive effects as you would sitting next to a window.


Add a touch of personality and colour

A real benefit of working remotely is that you have complete control over your office decor and work station.

Inject personality into your home office space by adding a splash of colour or breathe life into the area with your very own house plants, such as a spider plant or peace lily. You can even decorate the area with photographs, inspiring projects or quotes which you know motivate you.

Did you know that the colour you choose can impact your work performance? The colour red has been found to enhance alertness and reaction times, perfect for improving your productivity. Or, if your job requires you to remember a large amount of information, opting for yellow could boost your attention and memory capacity

When you’re staring at a screen all day, taking the time to choose a colour that matches your job role could do wonders for your productivity. 


Take regular breaks

Finally, remember to take regular breaks!

Every hour, take a walk around or go outside for some fresh air. Stay regularly hydrated and make sure to plan out healthy, fulfilling lunches and snacks to fuel your day. 

Even better, strategically time your breaks for when you know you’re at your most unproductive to help refresh your mind and get yourself back on track. You’ll be surprised as to how much regular breaks and hydration can impact your productivity, just as much as the area you create for your home office. 


Following these tips should help you to carve out a suitable space for your home office which promotes productivity and wellness. After all, it’s no secret that the best work is produced when you’re happy, comfortable and focused. 

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