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Finding the perfect workspace solution – A guide to finding the ideal office

Are you looking to move your business into a physical office? We’ve pulled together 5 top tips to help you find the ideal office space for your business, highlighting what to keep in mind during your search. Read on for more information.

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There may come a point in your business life when you start looking to transition to a physical office. Regardless of the reason, you may find yourself asking; how do you find the best office space?

We’ve pulled together 5 top tips to help you find the ideal office space for your business, highlighting what to keep in mind during your search. Read on for more information.


1. Location is everything

The first thing you need to consider when looking for office space is where you want to be. You’ll probably know the county, town, or city you want to call home (you’re probably already operating from that region). However, you will also need to think about other factors, such as how your employees commute to work.

A city centre location may be top of the list, but if there’s nowhere to park then you may face problems. Similarly, a rural location might be your bag, but with little public transport and half the team who don’t drive, getting people into the office could prove problematic.

When deciding where you want to be, you will also want to think about access to local amenities, proximity to stakeholders, and where your target market is. One or all of these factors may influence your final decision.

Once you’ve set your heart on your town or city, you want to make sure you’re choosing an office you can hang your hat on. Perhaps it’s the financial district you crave or an up-and-coming area you’ve got your eye on. Whatever sets your heart racing, find an office supplier who can deliver.

2. Flexible office space for your business

Your business and your team are growing, so when choosing the right office, you will need to plan ahead. Can your office provider offer you the flexibility you need as your business continues to grow and evolve?

You will have space requirements now, but what about two, three or five years down the line? Is there room to expand, meeting rooms for one to ones, breakout areas for networking and hotdesking?

Your office provider must be willing and able to work with you to support your current and future needs. After all, business is all about flexibility, and for a growing business, it will be non-negotiable.

3. Facilities to make office life sweeter

Often it’s the little things that make for a happy office. Decent breakout space, copious amounts of tea and coffee and somewhere to keep the milk can make office life that little bit sweeter. So when finding the perfect office, don’t forget to check the facilities provided.

Of course, tea and coffee facilities are a must, but are there additional kitchen facilities (hello microwave!)? And where are the toilets, as no one wants a desk next to the loos. Bike racks, showers, and air conditioning may not be necessities, but having these as part of your office package might make a big difference.
Importantly, you’ll want to make sure that any office you use is fully accessible for any current or future employees and visitors. Make sure this is a standard part of any office you choose.

4. Community and wellbeing at the heart of business

As a business owner, you know the importance of your employees’ wellbeing. A happy team and a thriving workplace are imperative to a successful business. That’s why it’s important to build a sense of community and a foundation of wellbeing.

When choosing your perfect office, ask about the culture and community offered there. Are there networking events you and the team can attend, or communal areas where you can meet other tenants in the building? You never know where a chance conversation can take you.

You want to be sure that the wellbeing of your staff and the community you’ve built will be nurtured in your chosen location. It should be at the heart of not only your business, but the office providers also.

5. Know your costs

It may sound obvious, but when it comes to office space, it’s important to know how much you are paying, and what for. Is furniture included in the deal, or will you have to source and pay for that separately? Do you have to contribute towards the cost of the on-site gym? Does the building receptionist come at a premium?… These questions are vital and need to be confirmed upfront, so you’re not hit with any surprises down the line.

No two buildings are the same. However, as a general rule, your monthly fees are likely to cover

Be sure all costs are clear and budgeted for, and do your research to ensure you’re not paying over the odds for space in the area.


As we’ve shown, there are many things to consider when finding your ideal office space, and we’ve only scratched the surface.

If you’re looking to move into a physical office, you want to partner with someone you can trust. FigiFlex is a leading supplier of office space, with sought-after locations across the UK. Community, wellbeing, and flexibility are at the heart of everything they do, so you can be sure to find the ideal office solution for your growing business.

Francesca's knowledge of the industry and business support is second to none. She's personally handpicked each one of our virtual office locations.

Francesca Dixon
Francesca Dixon

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