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Why Virtual HQ are the Route to Start-Up Success

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Traditionally, owning a business meant having a ‘shop front’ or ‘office space’, a physical premise to operate and do business from. Although this does still remain a key asset to many businesses, people are starting to discover there is another way.

In the early stages of starting a new business, savings need to be made wherever possible. One of the biggest financial commitments will be in bricks and mortar. Technology has the capability of connecting and enhancing communication beyond belief, so why are we still so set on tradition?

The reality of the size of investment involved in getting up and running can be very daunting. However, being business ready is within reach if you are willing to explore new ways of working.

The following four benefits of starting a business with  Virtual HQ may be the safety net your new business, in the early days of getting started, really needs.


Laptop, check. Emails, check. A great idea, check. With Virtual HQ, to get started this really is all you need to get momentum going. By removing the burden of having to have a property to house your business in the early days could be the roadblock to quick success. Giving your new venture a virtual address and a digital presence means you can work to the pace your new business will require.


Most industries will have ‘hot’ locations, locations which offer a wealth of opportunity and growing trade. If UK based, this will most likely be London, Birmingham or Manchester. Being physically present in these areas will come at a great cost, so long as the demand is there, rent prices will only continue to incline.

To put this in perspective, if you were running an ecommerce agency and knew that Manchester was a ‘hot’ location for fashion retailers and therefore an area that your services would greatly needed, you’re going to need a piece of that activity. By paying a small monthly fee, you’ll instantly have your presence secured and in time, known.


Spending up to two hours commuting to work is sadly the reality for a growing number of UK workers. With strains on public transport resulting in cramped and overcrowded journeys, staff are turning up to work feeling defeated. The struggle to get into work has been named ‘the daily nightmare’ by commuters and is taking its toll on mental health. By reducing travel time and costs, you’ll be freeing up time for other, more vital tasks.


Once you decide to have a virtual office, you will receive a virtual address to provide your business with a prestigious image. In addition to many smart features and professional solutions.

You save money, time, and effort. A virtual office means a real address; a key advantage to give image and credibility to your growing business. Customers tend to trust corporations with big addresses and a prestigious image.

A Virtual HQ address will give you the confidence, image and visibility needed to get down to business.

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