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Why have real premises, when you can go Virtual?

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Now, this heading might take a little bit to get your head around, but while we at Virtual HQ have to have real-life offices, you don’t necessarily have to. For many of you, we know that you have an office because it’s ‘good for business. By this we mean that your business benefits from having premises where you can meet clients, where somebody can answer the phone efficiently, somewhere to send mail to because believe it or not, not everything is done by email, and you have an address that conveys the right impression when people go to the About Us page on your website.

Now ask yourself this question. Are potential clients or customers going to be more interested in you and the service you have to offer, or the office you work from?

The next question to ask yourself is whether your clients are going to be more impressed if they meet you in a smart and nicely furnished office in a good area in the city, or in the only office your budget allows you to afford in a not-so-good part of the city?

In addition, virtual offices are becoming more and more popular and more and more an accepted part of business, so do you think you will be adversely judged if you have a virtual office?

In fact, potential customers and clients are going to look upon you more favourably if you explain that the reason why you work out of a virtual office is because you want to keep your overheads down without affecting the service you offer, and that the reduction in these overheads means your clients or customers are not having to pay for your offices and staff on top of your products or services.

Let’s be honest, providing their enquiries are dealt with professionally does it really matter whether it is from your own individual office or from a ‘shared’ office as, after all, that is exactly what a virtual office is? It is a space shared by a number of businesses, all of whom may want to use office premises at some point, but not on a particularly regular basis.

If you are thinking of starting a new business and want to keep your overheads down to a minimum, or if you have an existing business but want to reduce your overheads, we recommend you give us a call here at Virtual HQ and we will be delighted to run through the full list of services that are available when you rent a virtual office from us.

Francesca's knowledge of the industry and business support is second to none. She's personally handpicked each one of our virtual office locations.

Francesca Dixon
Francesca Dixon

Managing Director

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