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ID Confirmation - 'Selfie Required'

From time to time, we may require additional ID verification through a 'Selfie.' Rest assured, there's no need for concern. This simply involves submitting a colour photograph of the specified individual(s) holding their photo ID. It's important to ensure that the image is of excellent quality, allowing for clear legibility of the ID details.

selfie for ID verification - Untitled-design-2


Smile for the camera! No need for elaborate hair and makeup, as we're solely focused on identity verification. Nevertheless, we have a few guidelines in place to streamline this process for your convenience.

Try not to angle your phone

Check your face isn't hidden by glare

Make sure you're the only one in the selfie

The writing on the ID is close enough to read

Make sure that the camera doesn’t cut off part of your face

Selfie works best if the camera is directly in front of your face

Check no hats, scarves, masks, or anything else are blocking your face

Make sure to hold the phone within a foot of your face so that we can clearly see your face

Check there isn't too much light behind you as this may darken the image and shadow your face

Connie is queen when it comes to anti money laundering and compliance. With a background in fraud investigation, she knows her apples.

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