How to reduce stress and hassle when starting a new business
15th January 2016

There is no doubt that it is extremely stressful when starting up a new business. Trust us, we know from first-hand. In fact, it was as a result of these experiences that the seeds for setting up Virtual HQ were sown. With the joys of the Internet and the fact that so many businesses today generate business on a virtual basis, it has become more and more apparent that a great number of businesses need to have an office but not because they need the physical space or the staff to fill it, but because the business itself needs to look professional and needs to respond to enquiries in a professional and efficient manner.

As the saying goes, first impressions are lasting impressions, and one of the things you want to be assured of when getting your business off the ground is that any and every enquiry will be professionally dealt with. It is impossible to be in three different places all at the same time and it makes little sense overstretching yourself and stressing yourself by trying to both do the work and deal with new customers and potential clients at the same time. At the end of the day, two things will happen. The business will suffer through a lack of efficiency, and you will suffer personally because the excitement and enjoyment of starting up your own business will soon become eroded by trying to juggle five balls all at once.

There is, however, a very viable solution to having a one-man-band business but creating the impression you are greater than the sum of your parts, and that is the virtual office. In having a virtual office you get a professional address that your business will need, and you get a professional receptionist/secretary to field all calls and forward on any post or collate it ready for your collection each day. You would be amazed at just how much more efficient and less stressful it can be establishing a business if you can actually concentrate on what you are good at, which is the product or service you’re selling, leaving the day-to-day operational side of the business in the hands of an experienced professional who knows how to deal with potential customers or clients who call you.

Virtual HQ has grown in popularity to the point where we now have premises in Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester and Nottingham, so if you live near or in any of the cities we can provide you with an address, telephone number, receptionist and a host of other business essentials, but at a cost that makes trying to set up your own real-world office seem like a gross waste of money. To find out more about virtual offices and how they work please make sure you contact us at Virtual HQ.