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What Virtual Office locations do you have in Glasgow?

Our Virtual Office Space in Glasgow are based within actual operating office buildings. We have different sites available depending on your business needs.

Our addresses offer a range of services that enable you to use them to help fulfil your business objectives and which of course vary depending on your requirements.

A physical address is important as it enables your prospective customers to see that there is a working office at the address you have provided them and provides a sense of trust in your ser-vices.

You can either collect mail from our Glasgow Virtual business address if it is close to your home address or alternatively you have the option of using our mail forwarding service.

Depending on what suits you and your circumstances we can provide a solution that helps you and your Glasgow business grow in a way that fits your goals.

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West Regent Street

West Regent Street, Glasgow , G2

West Regent Street is close to a range of amenities. Close to both Charing Cross and Glasgow Central station, a range of bars and cafes are close by for when you need to unwind after collecting your mail from the virtual office or after using one of the meeting rooms.

Why rent a Glasgow Virtual Office from Virtual HQ?

We are one of the largest Virtual Office providers in the UK, with an established and growing network of high quality locations that ensure that your Virtual business address provides the right image for your business and its strategic goals.

Our Glasgow Virtual Office Spaces also provides physical meeting rooms for when you require these services.

You can visit any of our Virtual Offices and see that the building is in active use, with the ability to host meeting rooms at our Glasgow site.

This is key to project the right image for your company’s services, as potential customers may be put off if your company address does not match the sort of image you wish to convey.

Office Space in Glasgow vs Virtual Office in Glasgow

While Glasgow is not the most expensive place in the UK for getting a desk for your business/startup, it is a considerable expense that is completely unnecessary for many businesses.

Costs for a desk average around £220 per month in Glasgow, more than seven times the price of our Glasgow Virtual Office.

Treat yourself to an extra coffee and save pressure on your margins by opting for our Virtual Business Addresses.

per month

Average cost of a desk in Glasgow

per month

West Regent Street virtual office in Glasgow

Glasgow as your virtual office’s home

Glasgow population - 610k

Glasgow has the largest population of any city in Scotland, with 610,000 people and a GVA of £19.6 billion. While Edinburgh entertains, Glasgow works.

Tech Hub

Glasgow is poised to take on London as the UK’s tech hub, with a number of universities, great transport connections and expertise in areas including media, renewable energy and the arts.

Great housing costs

One of the factors behind Glasgow’s popularity as a startup hub is its competitive housing costs. The average property in the city stand at £183,000, although they are some of the fastest rising in the UK.

0141 Telephone number in Glasgow

Virtual HQ can provide you with a 0141 number for your Glasgow business which can be diverted to a number of your choosing. This is a great way to keep costs down and avoid having to invest in a landline service while receiving the prestige and benefits of a 0141 code.

Telephone Answering Service

Stand out from your fellow Glasgow competitors by using our telephone answering service, something available to all of our virtual office customers.

You can choose to have your call answered by one of the Virtual HQ staff or alternatively have the call diverted.

Our staff will take the time to understand your business and the sort of work that you undertake so that they can correctly answer the calls for you.

Be assured this is not merely a process of “script reading”. Instead our staff will genuinely understand the work that you do so that when calls are answered it results in fluid answers that make it seem as if they work next to you all day.

Some of the features of our telephone answering service include the following:

Messages sent by text or email or both – FREE

Transfers to UK landlines or mobiles – FREE

We can even arrange so that VIP callers can be greeted in their own name

You also have 24/7 online access to all your messages

These emails and text messages are sent in natural English and not using robotic “text speak”

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