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Virtual Offices in York

Our Virtual office in York is designed to help your business achieve success, by creating a more professional image for your brand.

It allows you the flexibility to work anywhere without being tied to conventional office space.

Our Virtual Office services in York include – mail forwarding or collection, registered address, meeting rooms, local York telephone numbers and our telephone answering service.

Our virtual office locations are hosted in business centres, with meeting rooms and fully staffed reception areas.


Your Virtual Office address will be the same as the physical tenants in your chosen building.

Registered Office Address York

All UK Limited companies are required to have a registered address for any official correspondence from HMRC and Companies House.

We can provide your business with a Registered Address in York to accept this official mail. This option must be purchased alongside your Virtual Office address, and mail will be handled as per your instructions upon activation.

If you are currently using your home or accountants address for your registered office – switching over to your new registered office is easy, and can be filed online with Companies House.  Change a registered office address (AD01)


Local York Telephone Number Service

If your business in York requires a local 01904 telephone number, we have two options for you, both of which are cost effective.

Local York Telephone Number

We can provide you with an 01904 number which is set to automatically divert to a number of your choice, mobile or landline.

Customers will not realise their call is diverted and will assume they are calling a local landline.

Our Telephone number service can be ordered with call Whisper.
This plays a short message to you as the person answering before the caller is connected. For example, if you are answering on your mobile phone, call whisper will inform you it is a business call and not personal. 

Our York Telephone Number Service starts at £12 per month and includes 500 diversions minutes.

Telephone Answering

If you are not always available to take calls, or if you would like a professional edge to the way calls are handled on behalf of your business, then our Telephone Answering Service will fit your needs perfectly.

Our team will answer in your company name, whilst holding extensive information about your business to handle calls on your behalf.
We will attempt to transfer the calls to you, telling you who is on the line and whether you would like to accept the call – sending messages to you with the caller’s details by email or SMS (or both)

Our Telephone Answering Service in York starts at £45 per month, includes a dedicated 01904 or nation 033 number and 20 calls answered per month.





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