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Where Can I Locate my Virtual Office in Dorset?

The virtual offices in Dorset that we offer have different characters, depending on the impression you’re looking to create for your business.

With great, centrally located spaces featuring modern vibes or classic façades, you can give your clients and visitors an idea of your working ethos by choosing the best location to have your virtual business address.

When your clients or investors need to pay a visit, you can easily organise a fully equipped meeting room at the same address you have on your website and business cards, avoiding any confusion.

Your post will be collected and kept at your virtual business address, ready for you to swing by when there’s a gap in your busy schedule. Even better, we can gather the post up and forward it on to wherever you need for just £5 per month on top of your virtual office costs.

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Wilson House, Bournemouth

Lorne Park Road, Bournemouth , BH1 1JN

Wilson House is a thoroughly modern office building which will give your company a forward-looking appearance when you choose it for your virtual office in Dorset. Walking distance from beaches and with a roof terrace available, holding a business meeting at your virtual office will be a pleasure.

What Can Virtual HQ Offer Me in Dorset?

As one of the biggest virtual office providers in the UK, we know what you demand from the services we offer. We provide functioning commercial locations with active businesses on site, and additional services to suit growing companies.

We can set you up with phone numbers with local dialling codes, so even if your work site is a little out of the way from your virtual office, you can keep your operations looking and feeling seamless.



Investors need hosting and clients want to meet; such is business. There will be no issues inviting them to your virtual office space, with meeting rooms available to hire that will match the expectations you’ve created.

Dorset is a beautiful part of the country and offers a welcoming environment for business; choosing to have the area as the face of your enterprise gives great opportunities for networking and creating a forward-thinking image.

Virtual Office Dorset vs Offices in Dorset

Such a picturesque part of the country creates high demand and high prices for real estate, including office space. City locations in Dorset have high commercial rents that can really make a dent in your margins.

Choosing a virtual office space in the place you want to be in, whilst working out of a more affordable space, is going to make giving the right look to your business much more cost efficient.

Annual cost for Wilson House, Bournemouth

The price you pay to have this modern office space as your business address for a year

Annual cost for an office with parking

Basic rental cost of an office in the city centre of Bournemouth, including one car parking space

Virtual Offices in Dorset ready for your business

Supportive Business Network

Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Business West are active in supporting and encouraging growth for business in the area, offering great networking possibilities

Government Investment

The UK government is investing hundreds of millions of pounds into infrastructure around Dorset, bringing better connectivity and a dynamic business environment

Easy Access

Airports and rail links are readily available, with London 2 hours by train and Bournemouth International Airport ready to serve your travel needs

Phone Numbers with the Right Code

At Virtual HQ, we know how important it is to create the right impression. Once you’ve got the right office address for your needs, the next step is the right phone number. It’s still expected that you have a landline number, even in these modern times.

We will arrange a phone number with the dialling code to match your virtual offices in Dorset, so that your organisation looks sleek and joined-up. Whether this then diverts to your actual office in the next town, or the mobile phone in your pocket, is entirely up to you.

You don’t need a new phone, there’s no new apps to download, just an easy to use system that will feel just like receiving a normal phone call

Your Post When You Want

Businesses get a lot of junk mail. It’s not something you want to wade through every day, so let your virtual office in Dorset help. Whether you’re operating close by or a little out of the way, Virtual HQ has a solution for your burgeoning inbox.

We will hold your post at your Dorset virtual office until you come by to collect it, keeping it off your desk until you’re ready. £5 per month extra means we will send it out to an address you choose, meaning one envelope to land rather than lots coming through every day.


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