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Become part of the London community with a Camden Virtual Office address

The benefits of a Camden virtual address are numerous and reach far beyond having somewhere to send your post. We can set you up with a London phone number (020) that goes directly to your preferred phone or device. We also scan your mail so that you receive electronic copies of your post directly to your inbox, and our friendly telephone answering team ensure you’re projecting the best image when you host your meetings at our Camden meeting rooms.

Our Camden virtual offices offer our customers the opportunity to secure some of the most sought-after business addresses in the country for a fraction of the cost. Choosing a virtual office in Camden locates your business in an exclusive area surrounded by other local commerce. Base your business in an affluent and vibrant town abuzz with activity and watch how your reputation starts to precede you.

With a Central London virtual office, your business can portray an image of professionalism and stability – getting more potential customers through the door.

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How can a Camden Virtual Office benefit me?

A virtual office in Camden will benefit your business in a multitude of ways; offering your business a permanent location in a vibrant London suburb, an impressive face for your business alongside additional services offered by Virtual HQ.

These include setting up a London (020) phone number, providing a registered address for your limited company and having professional meeting rooms available to rent at your Camden virtual address.

As one of the leading virtual office providers in the UK, our range of high-quality business locations continues to grow. At Virtual HQ, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the perfect virtual address for your business alongside additional services that make running your business easier. Choosing a Camden virtual office location is an important step towards establishing your business in one of the most visited locations in London.

Office Space Camden vs. Virtual Office Camden

A wildly popular suburb of London, Camden boasts a rich musical and artistic heritage – as well as being a highly commercial area for businesses. Office space in this area is highly competitive and their prices reflect that.

With a single desk space costing on average £300 per month, it is easy to see the benefits of opting for a virtual address alongside a local telephone number to really become part of the community without the hefty price tag.

per month

Average cost per desk in Camden

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How much you’ll pay for a virtual office in Camden

Locating your ideal virtual office in Camden

Stay connected

Choosing our Camden virtual office will allow you to benefit from numerous transport links to the rest of the country. Three train stations are all located within less than a mile, and with Camden Town on the Northern line you can expect great access to and from Central London and ‘commuter hub’ stations like Waterloo.

Inspiring architecture

Camden’s architecture has seen it become the set for some of the most distinguished films of the past century. If Camden inspired Hitchcock, it’s sure to inspire your business.

Start-up haven

Being in Camden places you in the midst of a town alive with possibility, reflected in numerous start-ups basing themselves here alongside established and globally celebrated brands.

020 Telephone Numbers in Camden

If you want your business to feel part of the Camden community, then a London (020) phone number is a great way to integrate your business.

To make it even easier for you, we can direct the calls to a device of your choice, be it a mobile phone or the landline in your home office. For a winning combination, couple this with our telephone answering service where our reception team receive your calls when you can’t, taking messages and answering questions with an impeccable level of expertise.

Meeting Rooms in Camden

Have you got an important stakeholder coming to visit you for a business update? Do you want to impress them?

While a café or restaurant meeting might do the trick, you really want to show them how stable and professional your business is. Our virtual office in Camden has meeting rooms available to rent to suit your needs. Our welcoming reception team will help to make an outstanding first impression.

Secure yourself a top Virtual Office in Camden today.