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Why Rent a Virtual Office in the West Midlands from Virtual HQ?

With the second highest population in England after Greater London, our West Midlands virtual offices in locations including Birmingham, Coventry and Leamington Spa are excellently placed to help you harness the power of people.

Whether it’s a convenient transport link you’re after, or a wider potential customer base, you’d be hard pressed to find a better region to meet your long-term and short-term business goals.

When you host meetings and conferences with clients and customers, our friendly staff offer a warm welcome at every one our locations. Add a touch of class to all your guests’ experiences and make your business interaction memorable, simultaneously creating loyal customers.

Service local clients and those further afield from a central and easily accessible location. Our meeting room and conference room facilities are also within reach whenever you need the, without running up your costs when you don’t.

Cost of Hiring Office Space in the West Midlands vs a Virtual Office from Virtual HQ

Many start-ups and home-based business owners may be wondering what alternatives are available to them if they don’t want to commit to a traditional office rental for their company.

A typical rented office could add to your monthly running costs by around £260 in the West Midlands region. Our average monthly virtual office rental costs as little as £40 and gives you a genuine chance to make an established name for yourself.

per month

What you’ll pay on average for a West Midlands office space in 2020

per month

What you could be paying per month for a West Midlands virtual office

The ultimate West Midlands virtual office locations

Cost effective without sacrificing quality

Choose from a city centre virtual office location or move further afield depending on your preference. Excellent transport links abound, your location choice could not be better!

Focussing on tomorrow – and today

Home to some of the worlds pioneering scientific and industrial pioneers, the culture of forging ahead resounds in businesses throughout the region.

A memorable experience

Each of our West Midlands virtual office locations is vibrant, unique and equipped to handle every type of business need.

West Midlands regional telephone numbers

Virtual HQ can secure a West Midlands telephone number for you.

This means you can keep your private contact number for yourself, with the added benefit of having an area-specific contact number your clients can reach you on without needing to spend money on an extra phone or telecoms equipment.

We’re there when you need us

All our offices are in active business centres, with bustling foot traffic as well as a staffed reception desk and centre manager on call during all regular working hours.

We’re there to lend a hand for any of your queries and to offer our exceptional service to all your clients and customers.

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