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Why Rent a Virtual Office in the South West from Virtual HQ?

Offer the feeling of exclusivity to your guests with our staffed reception desks and warm welcomes, an aspect that is often overlooked in virtual offices. A Virtual Office space in the South West gives you the opportunity to present a dynamic image to potential clients both locally and around the UK. A more vibrant, historical and lively location would be hard to find.

You can opt for selected additional services from our virtual office locations, which can include registering your limited company to an established virtual office address, scanning and forwarding your mail straight to your inbox, as well as securing a corresponding local phone number that directs to your personal mobile or landline.

Cost to Hire Office Space in the South West vs a Virtual Office from Virtual HQ

Committing to renting permanent desk space is simply not the best option for every company. What is vital is the availability of a convenient space to host guests and make the right impression when you have client meetings.

There is no better time or way to do this than with a virtual office. With all the main benefits of a permanent desk, you can treat your guests to a welcoming experience without the cost of monthly overheads, or the hassle of maintaining an office space.

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What you’ll pay on average for South West office space in 2020

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What you could be paying per month for a South West virtual office

The South West – the ideal location for your business

A vibrant region

Home to – amongst many other attractions – the Glastonbury festival and Stonehenge, the South West region is culturally abuzz which can lend a hand in helping you create the brand repertoire you want.

Setting up for future success

The creative culture of the South West is amplified with the range of local universities and hive of student activity. Coupled with heritage and historical richness of the region, our South West locations can get your business name on the map and set you up for great future recruits.

Lower costs and higher margins

Regardless of where you decide to establish your business in the South West, there’s no denying that choosing a virtual office with Virtual HQ will improve your profit margins and lower your monthly overheads.

South West telephone numbers

Our additional services can secure a South West telephone number for you, and have incoming calls diverted to your device of choice.

Keep your contact information private and your business name credible by using your local telephone number. We can divert the incoming calls to you, or you can have our friendly reception team handle them on your behalf.

Mail scanning and forwarding

Our friendly reception team can scan your mail straight to your inbox on the day of receipt and forward the physical copy on First Class delivery when you choose our full package offering.

Whether you live locally or not, you can rest easy knowing you have access to your mail as soon as it comes in, helping you stay up to date on all your business correspondence.

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