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Why Choosing A Virtual Office In Scotland Could Help Your business

By choosing a virtual office in Scotland through Virtual HQ, you can be set up with a legitimate business address and telephone number in no time.

Using a virtual office in Scotland means you’ll have a robust infrastructure in place while also having the freedom and flexibility to work wherever you please. We organise your post and forward it to wherever it is most convenient, as well as provide you with a local Scottish telephone number. Our professional team will be on hand to redirect customer queries, B2B calls, and client inquiries to a phone number of your choice so you can get on with the important day to day running of your business.

Where you choose to have your virtual office in Scotland is up to you, but if you need any help or advice, our knowledgeable team can talk through your exacting needs and make suggestions accordingly.

We offer virtual offices for many different Scottish businesses and, in doing so, help companies, from small startups to those already well established in their industry, lower their outgoings while still maintaining a professional and trustworthy appearance to the people they deal with.

All the virtual Scottish offices we offer are real, genuine places of work, with front of house receptionists and meeting rooms that can be used to meet and greet customers and clients alike. You can choose from a range of reputable business locations depending on the needs of your business and how you would like to present yourself to the world outwardly.

A Virtual Office in Scotland Vs An Actual Office in Scotland

There are a considerable number of companies where there is no real need for actual office space. Yet, without a business address and phone number, yours will seem unprofessional and untrustworthy.

For many companies, particularly ones who are trying to establish themselves in the marketplace, keeping outgoings low and margins high is critical. The average cost of renting a physical office in Scotland somewhat eye-watering compared to our much lower rate.

In short, by renting a virtual Scottish office, businesses can keep their costs down while still maintaining a professional appearance and fantastic reputation as they build and grow their brand.

per month

The average cost of renting a physical office space in the Scottish Capital.

per month

The cost of a respected business address should you choose to purchase a virtual office through Virtual HQ instead.

Scotland - the ideal location for your virtual office

Edinburgh’s growing economy

Edinburgh has a thriving and diverse economy that boasts many FTSE 100 companies and successful firms across sectors such as banking, insurance, finance, media, and technology. Edinburgh is in the top six most important commercial property markets outside London and a great location for an affordable virtual business address.

Glasgow - a thriving business hub

Glasgow is home to an impressive range of businesses, making it a hugely influential Scottish city, generating £19.3billion GVA per annum. In recent years it’s grown has made it one of the most reputable and robust places to do business in the UK.

Lower costs & better margins for your business

Regardless of where you decide to establish your business in Scotland, there is no denying that choosing a virtual office with Virtual HQ will improve your profit margins significantly.

A telephone number to match your business address

We know that your reputation is everything, and by providing a matching phone number that corresponds with your address, you’ll have all you need to demonstrate your trustworthiness to customers and clients.

Mail forwarding to an address of your choice

Our efficient mail forwarding service means you can keep on top of all communications and correspondence while having the freedom and flexibility to go where your business needs to take you.

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