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12 Castle Hill, Windsor – Berkshire

Castle Hill, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1PD
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Annual Payment 15% Off
12 Castle Hill, Windsor

Virtual Office Windsor | Castle Hill

A truly impressive Virtual Office Address in Windsor –  perfect for businesses wanting to project an established, professional image to clients in Windsor, Berkshire and around the UK.

Housed within a prestigious Georgian manor, overlooking the Henry VIII gate to Windsor Castle – you will simply not find a more enviable location.

Our Virtual Office packages vary depending on what your business requires, from mail forwarding or collection to our full telephone answering service with your own local Windsor 01753 telephone number.

All our Virtual Office services come with No Deposit and a flexible Month to Month Agreement.  Alternatively, opt to pay for your Virtual Office Annually and receive 15% off.

Sign up for your Virtual Office Windsor online now,  alternatively, contact us on 0330 2232605 to speak to a member of the Virtual HQ team.

Get Your Windsor Virtual Office Address For Just £50 pm

Stand Head And Shoulders Above Your Competition With This Premium Windsor Virtual Office Address. With No Deposit and Quick Set Up.

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Services at this Location

Mailing Services
Mail Collection
Mail Forwarding
Registered Address
Registered Address
Update Registered Address
Update Director Service Address
Telephone Services
Telephone Number - (Geographic or National)
Call Whisper
Virtual Switchboard
Additional Telephone Number
Telephone Answering
Virtual HQ Telephone Answering
Additional Services
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Meeting Room Facilities

Meeting Room & Boardroom Available With Stunning Views
12 Castle Hill, Windsor
Capacity 1 - 20
Hourly Rate - From - £20
Full Day - From - £100


  • Is a local number included in my package?
    No. Telephone numbers are an optional extra. You can have access to a Windsor (01753) number or choose a 033 national number to best suit your needs.
  • Can I use the registered address & directors address?
    Yes. You can use the registered address in as little as 24 hours after we have verified your identity.
  • Can I get a registered address if I’m not a limited company?
    No. You do not need a registered address if you are not a limited company. You can also choose to not have a registered address if you are a limited company.
  • What happens to my mail if I choose not to have a registered address?
    For sole traders and partnerships, your mail will be accepted for the 'trading as' name, for example: Joe Bloggs t/a JBloggs & Co. This will be held at the office and you can collect it or have it forwarded to your home address as an optional extra.


Annual Payment 15% Off
12 Castle Hill, Windsor
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12 Castle Hill, Windsor
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