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Trim Street – Bath

Trim Street, Bath, BA1 1HB
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  • Virtual Office Bristol
  • Virtual Office Bristol
  • Virtual Office Bristol
  • Virtual Office Bristol
  • Virtual Office Bristol
Annual Payment 15% Off
Trim Street

Virtual Office Bath | BA1

A Virtual Office in Bath, allows you to create a professional image and benefit from the advantage of having a central, prestigious location as your mailing address.

Use this address for your company website, stationery, invoices & marketing. We offer low-cost mail forwarding or collection, all the way up to a full virtual receptionist package – choose what works for your business.

Sign up online now. Alternatively contact us on 0330 2232605 to speak to a member of the Virtual HQ team, who are here to help.

Why not complete the image by growing your Virtual Office with a Bath (01225) telephone number and our telephone answering service, reinforce your local presence.

All our Virtual Office services come with No Deposit and a flexible Month to Month Agreement.
Alternatively, opt to pay for your Virtual Office Annually and receive 15% off.

Not what you are looking for? Try our other Virtual Office Bath location.

Bath Virtual Office for only £40 per month

Get ahead of your competition by using this Virtual Office in Bath as your professional business address. Just pick what you want us to do with your mail, then checkout - it's that simple.

or call03302 232605

Services at this Location

Mailing Services
Mail Collection
Mail Forwarding
Registered Address
Registered Address
Update Registered Address
Update Director Service Address
Telephone Services
Telephone Number - (Geographic or National)
Call Whisper
Virtual Switchboard
Additional Telephone Number
Telephone Answering
Virtual HQ Telephone Answering
Additional Services
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Meeting Room Facilities

Fantastic Boardroom that can be extended into the business lounge to seat up 16 in a relaxed environment.
Trim Street
Capacity 1 - 10
Hourly Rate - From - £30
Full Day - From - £160


  • Is a local number included in my package?
    No. Telephone numbers are an optional extra. You can have access to a Bath (01225) number or choose a 033 national number to best suit your needs.
  • Are there physical offices onsite?
    Yes. Our locations are office buildings which have multiple physical tenants. This makes a virtual office at our locations that much more 'real' as you could very well be a physical tenant.
  • Are there staff at this location?
    Yes. You’ll find a fully staffed reception, centre managers, physical and virtual tenants based at our Trim Street building.
  • Is there a contract?
    There is a month-to-month contract. We understand that businesses need flexibility, and our month-to-month contract means you’re not tied down for long periods of time and can extend or end your contract (with 30 days’ notice) when you need to. Alternatively, opt to pay for your services annually and receive a 15% discount.


Annual Payment 15% Off
Business Address at -
Trim Street
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