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Princess Street – Manchester

Princess Street, Manchester, M1
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Annual Payment 15% Off
Princess Street

Virtual Office Manchester | M1

Virtual Office at Princess Street,  allowing your business to have a presence in central Manchester, at a fraction of the cost of office space.

At only £25 per month, it is one of the most cost-effective virtual office solutions available in Manchester.

Incoming company mail can either be held for collection (you will be notified by email that mail is available to collect) or forwarded to your address, allowing you to work from wherever you want.

You will share your business address with a prestigious Accountancy Practice, and please note, this location does not offer office space or meeting rooms. Please bear this in mind when making your decision.

Take your Manchester Virtual Office to the next level with a Manchester (0161) telephone number and our telephone answering service – reinforce that fact that you are a local business and ensure new callers are greeted by a professional receptionist, every time.

All our Virtual Office services come with No Deposit and a flexible Month to Month Agreement.  Alternatively, opt to pay for your Virtual Office Annually and receive 15% off.


Virtual Office in central Manchester for only £25 per month

Located right in the heart of Manchester's Chinatown, a Virtual Office in our 91 Princess Street location is the most affordable way to base your business in the city centre.

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Services at this Location

Mailing Services
Mail Collection
Mail Forwarding
Registered Address
Registered Address
Update Registered Address
Update Director Service Address
Telephone Services
Telephone Number - (Geographic or National)
Call Whisper
Virtual Switchboard
Additional Telephone Number
Telephone Answering
Virtual HQ Telephone Answering
Additional Services
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Meeting Room Facilities

Unfortunately, there are no meeting rooms at this location :(
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Princess Street
Hourly Rate - £-
Full Day - £-


  • Is a local number included in my package?
    No. Telephone numbers are an optional extra. You can have access to a Manchester (0161) number or choose a 033 national number to best suit your needs.
  • How much will a registered business address cost me?
    Your registered address is purchased in conjunction with your virtual address, and typically costs £7.50 per month.
  • Is there a contract?
    There is a month-to-month contract. We understand that businesses need flexibility, and our month-to-month contract means you’re not tied down for long periods of time and can extend or end your contract (with 30 days’ notice) when you need to. Alternatively, opt to pay for your services annually and receive a 15% discount.
  • Can I use the registered address & directors address?
    Yes. You can use the registered address in as little as 24 hours after we have verified your identity.


Annual Payment 15% Off
Princess Street
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Princess Street
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