Questions about your Business Address?

All you need to know about Virtual Offices

When ordering a Virtual Office from Virtual HQ, it’s important to know how our service works to get the best out of your business address and additional services.

General Virtual Office Questions

What is a virtual office?

A Virtual Office is a flexible business space that provides your business with services that come with a traditional office, at a fraction of the price. Read our guide on what’s included in a Virtual Office, types of people that would need one and the types of services included.

How much does a virtual office cost?

The cost of a Virtual Office varies between each location. The average cost of a Virtual Office is around £40 a month. Contracts are highly flexible and don’t tie you down like a traditional office, making it easier to relocate if needed. Find out more about how much a Virtual Office costs and the facilities you pay for.

How does a virtual office work?

Virtual offices work by providing traditional office services at a fraction of the cost. It allows you to work remotely on your business whilst establishing a physical presence in a location of your choice. Read more about how a virtual office works, who they’re suitable for and what you need to equip your office.

Why use a virtual office?

A virtual office is fantastic for establishing your business presence at a real location at a small cost. There are various valid and professional reasons as to why you need a virtual office. From easy business expansion to flexible leasing – read more about why you should use a virtual office.

Is a virtual office legal?

Do you know the difference between a registered address and a trading address? Virtual offices are one of the most popular alternative routes to establishing your business at your chosen location. Read our guide on how to establish a legal virtual office the right way.

Is a virtual office worth it?

You may know already what a virtual office is, but deciding whether or not it’s worth it is another question entirely. Find out why we think a virtual office is worth it when compared to alternatives such as renting physical office space or using your home address for your business.

Who uses virtual offices?

Many different businesses in different situations use a virtual office for a variety of reasons. We’ve highlighted some of the most common cases that prompt businesses to start using a virtual office in our helpful article, Who uses Virtual Offices?

Questions About the Virtual HQ Service

How long does it take to set up?

Once we have your I.D Documents your Virtual Office address will be live within a couple of hours. What I.D do I need?

How often will mail be forwarded?

When using our mail forwarding service, mail is forwarded as per your requirements.

How much does it cost to forward mail?

We have a set fee of £5 per month that covers your mail forwarding charges, this is subject to our fair usage policy.

What will my new business address be?

We release the full virtual office address for your chosen location when you have signed up for the service, we do this to protect all of our Virtual Office clients.

Do you accept parcels?

Yes, but we generally advise against having parcels delivered due to the cost of forwarding such items on to you. We will refuse any items larger than 50x50x50cm.

Can I use this business address for Companies House letters?

Yes. This is called a Registered address. When a location offers a Registered Address facility, it will be shown on the order page. The Registered Address service costs an additional £5 per month.

Why do I need to provide I.D?

We are required under Money Laundering Regulations to collect this information. We use industry leading verification software and require either a passport or driving license along with a recent utility bill. For more information on our verification procedures, please see: Money Laundering Regulations – Virtual HQ

How does the Telephone Number service work?

We can provide you with a local or national telephone number to reinforce your local presence. This number is unique to you. With this service, the telephone number is set on a permanent divert to a number of your choosing. You can then label the number on your mobile or landline, to know that the call is for your business and not a personal call.

How does the Telephone Answering Service work?

It’s very simple. We provide you with a unique number that you can either advertise or divert your current number to. We answer calls in your company name, actively help your clients, then either transfer calls or take messages that are sent by text or email. Our involvement in your phone calls can be as extensive as you like.

You can view all of our Virtual Office locations here. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us.