Working from home 3 unexpected benefits
21st October 2015
Having a Virtual Office address allows you to work from home, or indeed from wherever you want.
If you have spent years clocking in an out on an office job, and have finally made the decision to go it alone and start in business, you may be slightly nervous about the prospect of setting up in a home office.
Using a Virtual Office is not just about saving money on office space, or creating a better impression for potential customers its also about making the most out of your working day.
When you work from home


Working from home allows you to eliminate the dreaded daily commute, avoiding long traffic jams, rail journeys and the general feeling of stress before your working day has even started.
For most people commuting is the reality of daily working life, but for a home worker, the commute is only delayed when you’re diverted through the kitchen.
You will start working earlier, just because you can.


The cost of renting an office, commuting, buying lunch, constantly updating your wardrobe, expensive coffee this list goes on. If you choose to run a business from home, it’s not just the rent you save, there are a whole host of hidden costs that you may not have even noticed.
Working from home makes you more disciplined with your finances, allowing you to focus more of your budget into developing your business.


Although most go into business to become financially successful, many would look at their business as a way to create a better balance between work and home life.
When working from home, your schedule can become more flexible, allowing you to work the way you want to, escaping from the confines of the prescribed 9 to 5 working day.
Working from home creates happier, healthier individuals who are invested both in their companies and their own lives. Now that’s a true win-win!
Virtual Headquarters is here to help you work from home, whilst presenting a strong corporate image to your clients with a prestigious business address and receptionists answering your calls.
Find your perfect Virtual Office location today (we won’t tell anyone you work from your bedroom!)