Starting a business on a budget
11th November 2015

The benefits of setting up a Virtual Business.

A recent survey of 241 entrepreneurs found that a massive 64% of their businesses were started with less than £10,000, with 49% starting with less than £5,000.
It is often assumed that to start a business, you need bucket loads of cash, but this is certainly not the case.
A good business idea, executed alongside careful planning, has every chance of becoming more successful than a business started with a much larger budget.
If you don’t have a massive start-up budget, or maybe you are unsure about leaving your current employment just yet, then maybe look at setting up a Virtual Business.
A virtual business has very little in the way of physical structure, instead, it relies on the Internet and telecoms to achieve its desired goals.
Benefits of setting up a Virtual Business

Inexpensive startup costs/less risk

Office overheads, staff, expensive equipment, office furniture, training, these are just some of the costs associated with traditional brick and mortar companies. Your startup can launch as a lean mean fighting machine.
Without the need for a high level of investment, the risks to you as an individual are greatly reduced.

Easy to Start

Almost everything can be outsourced, from billing and marketing to fulfilment and customer service. All of these outsourced layers will take a cut of your revenue – but each provider is an expert in its own field, able to deliver results from the get go.
Many outsourced services offer free and extended trials and work on a per transaction basis i.e. they will only take a cut of the money you actually make.
By structuring the business in this way, you can establish yourself quickly.

Easier to Scale

When your business starts growing, these outsourced services will simply grow with you.
You don’t need to hire more staff or move to a bigger office when you expand. Remember, each time you hire a new employee they will need training and time to settle into the role – and moving to a bigger office will cause major disruption (and increase your fixed overheads.)
A Virtual Office is a great way to centralise your business in a premium postcode, and as a Virtual business doesn’t need office space, your address can be situated in an ultra-exclusive location that will wow potential clients.


The true beauty of a Virtual business is the flexibility it provides.
Most Virtual business owners only require a laptop and an internet connection, they can work from home, or from whoever they want, and hopefully craft a working day that fits around family life or other commitments.
Virtual business can, with adequate planning, fit around your current employment.
One of the biggest fears for new business owners is the prospect of having to give up a regular salary – with a Virtual business you can wait to make the switch, testing the water before finally becoming your own boss.
Virtual Headquarters offers a range of virtual services, specially crafted to help your Virtual Business from day one – from Virtual Offices with post forwarding, to telephone answering with customer service packages, we’ve got your back.