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Mailing Services
Mail Collection

If you are local to your chosen virtual office, you can pop in and collect mail. You will be notified by email when mail has arrived.

Mail Forwarding

Have all incoming letters sent 1st Class to your home address – for one simple monthly fee.

  • Fair usage applies
  • The fixed mail forwarding fee applies to letters only
Mail Scanning (& Forwarding)

We scan and email incoming mail to you on the day it’s received, paper copies are then forwarded to your address either weekly or monthly.


Please note, this service is only available if you have an @yourbusiness email address, we cannot scan and email to Gmail or Hotmail accounts.

Registered Address

List your virtual office as your registered office address on Companies House.

Official mail from HMRC and Companies House will either be held for collection or forwarded to your home address.

A registered office address is a legal requirement for all UK Limited Companies. If you don’t want your home address appearing on Companies House, we recommend adding the registered address option to your account.

We can even update your company’s registered office address on your behalf!

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Update Registered Address

We will contact Companies House on your behalf and update the company’s registered office address.

Update Director Service Address

We will contact Companies House on your behalf and update your Director’s Service address.

Telephone Services
Telephone Number - (Geographic or National)

*40% Off! Was £12.00 per month now £7.20*

Choose a local geographic or national (03) telephone number that seamlessly diverts to a number of your choice.

This package includes 500 diversion minutes to mobile or landline. A great option if you handle your own calls.

Geographic numbers are local telephone numbers that are specific to a town or city location in the UK. A local telephone number for Manchester, for example, would start 0161.

National (03) numbers are UK wide national numbers which are not associated with a specific geographic location. They are ideal for businesses that want to appeal to potential customers from throughout the UK, as opposed to just in their local area.

If diverting to mobile, you have two options for how the incoming call will appear.

1.) Show the number your caller is calling i.e the number we provide, this way you will always know when it’s a business call. Be aware, that with this option you will not see the callers phone number (if you missed the call, for example, or to call back).

2.) Show the calling number only. Perfect if you missed the call and need to call back (or didn’t take the callers number during conversation). Be aware, with this option you will not be able to distinguish between business and personal calls if you use your mobile for both purposes. However, twinning this option with Call Whisper gives you the best of both worlds!

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Call Whisper

Our call whisper service plays a short message to the person answering the call before the caller is connected.

It’s perfect for identifying whether a call is for business or personal on a mobile phone that’s used for both purposes.

Additional Telephone Number

*40% Off! Was £10.00 per month now £6.00*

Add an additional local or national telephone number to your account. Have both a local and national 033 number to advertise to customers.

This is the perfect option if your customers are primarily local, but you would also like to appeal to a nationwide audience with a national number sitting alongside the local geographic option.

This additional telephone number includes 500 diversion minutes to mobile or landline.

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Telephone Answering
Virtual HQ Telephone Answering

A member of our professional receptionist team will handle calls on your behalf.

They are fantastic at screening callers and will provide a professional front for your business.

Telephone Answering Service features:

  • Answering calls in your company name, with an understanding of your business.
  • The team will transfer calls to you when you are available, and take messages when you are not.
  • Screen sales callers
  • Send messages by email/text or both
  • Answer calls between 8:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m Monday to Friday.

Incoming calls are charged at £1.25 each, with no additional charges for messages or call transfers.

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